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butterflies4uWednesday 12th of January 2005 07:43:20 AM
places to visit - hello everyone, i am going to be visiting holland in march for the first time. i have family that lives there and they asked me to get together a list of places i want to go. i have a few in mind and i am currently looking into other places to visit.

i wanted to ask anyone who lives in holland or has ever been there where the best places are to visit. i am not so interested in the "tourist" places, more the places with history.

thanks, danielle
raygeoWednesday 12th of January 2005 09:00:47 AM
hi! - Danielle I lived in the Netherlands for 3 years what part are you visiting? If you go to Amsterdam, you can visit the "Anne Frank" house. There are many musuems, castles and old churches. What are your specific interests?
butterflies4uWednesday 12th of January 2005 10:14:40 AM
- raygeo,
i know we are going to weesp. and the neighborhoods my grandfather and grandmother grew up in. i am staying with family there, so i have to learn some dutch.
i am pretty sure we will be walking through amsterdam. i would love to see anne franks house. castles and old churches really interest me. i would like to get on a boat and go through the waterways. of course i have to see the tulip fields.
KatjeMonday 11th of April 2005 01:09:05 AM
Learning Dutch - I will be moving to Enschede in August. I will be attending the university there. I need to have a basic understanding of dutch,and its not going so well. Can someone help me? Dank u wel.
TeupMonday 11th of April 2005 03:03:10 AM
- Katje, I'll be glad to help. Any questions, just message.

On topic, you might want to visit Utrecht. The city centre is really nice, and the cathedral tower is the biggest in the Netherlands. The cathedral itself was struck by a hurricane, but it's still worth to pay a visit.
keaFriday 27th of May 2005 08:04:04 PM
- I found Leiden in Holland the cutest town, there was lots to see and it wasn't crowded with tourists as Amsterdam was.
AxystosThursday 30th of June 2005 05:29:47 AM
- [quote]I found Leiden in Holland the cutest town, there was lots to see and it wasn't crowded with tourists as Amsterdam was.[/quote]
You have just become my new best friend. :D
iandominicp77Saturday 09th of July 2005 10:09:24 AM
Ridderkerk, Rotterdam - Ridderkerk is ook mooi.... There are lots of nice places to go. I love Holland!!!!