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Peter fra LAWednesday 20th of October 2004 08:27:59 PM
Be a child again! -
Click here to see a list of all PHRASE lessons.

Click here: Samlaget - Den store festen to have a children's story read to you in Norwegian by your adoptive Norwegian Mother while you read along and look at the pretty pictures.

Bokmål and Nynorsk written forms are available.

You can listen in English while reading the Norwegian to help you learn.

You can even listen in Urdu(Hindi) or Vietnamese if you prefer.

Peter fra LAWednesday 20th of October 2004 10:15:38 PM

Norwegian language students (and fans), click Bokmål to start the story telling in Norsk.

Be sure to move your mouse around the pictures on each page to find hidden pop-up information boxes on the history of Norway and its famous citizens. There is nothing like a good bed-time story to secretly stuff young people's minds full of good history.

Finally, be sure to click the O button inbetween the two navigation arrow buttons after the lady has finished reading the page to you. You will then be able to follow the main characters travels through Norway on a map.

Now go back and listen to the story in Engelsk to hear the narration in English. Test how much of the story you could understand previously when spoken in Norwegian.

You will have an extra button in the Engelsk version of the story. Clicking on this will bring up a new window with a text transcription of the narrative.
MaryamThursday 21st of October 2004 07:57:25 AM
Brilliant - This is ABSOLUTELY Beautiful!!
A very good ressource indeed. Urdu is also a language I like, and the story is so cute as well. Thanks for such helpful link Peter.

Take care,
Peter fra LAThursday 21st of October 2004 11:14:38 AM
Hans Christian... -
Everyone, you can also ckick here: The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen to read his stories in 15 different languages. It would be a good excercise in practicing your Norwegian, or if you are just starting out you may want to print out one story and work on it with a dictionary (ordbok) and you will slowly learn the sentence-construction words common to all sentences in this language.

If you want to use an online dictionary until you can get a better written one in book form such as E. Haugen's brilliant Norwegian-English Dictionary which can be had in paperback form, then click here: Lexin Ordbøker. Tamil (INDIA) language is available, Kurdish and Somali languages are under construction.

Of course you always have the English version of the stories to double-check your progress.
FrihetWednesday 24th of November 2004 07:31:05 PM
Where to buy the book? - This is a great resource. I would like to buy the book, however. Is there a source that will deliver it in the USA?

Peter fra LAThursday 25th of November 2004 12:02:23 AM
- I am thinking that you are refering to the very first book listed (not hans' work).

You may try requesting if you local large reseller of books can special order this by the ISBN for you. All I could find was the Bokmål version apparently sells for 198 kroner but I had trouble finding a store that ships to USA.

ISBN: 8252154387 - OPPDATER
FrihetThursday 25th of November 2004 06:55:12 AM
Buy book - Yes, I meant the illustrated book. I found it in a Norwegian bookstore, but they do not ship to the US. I have a friend who is going to Norway in December. Perhaps they can get it for me.