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PetrWednesday 15th of June 2005 07:21:43 AM
bokmål-nynorsk - Bueno, before any jackass say anything about it i guess I need to make a fev things clear. Bokmål and nynorsk are not two different norwegians, none of them are "spoken" as they are nothing but writing norms. Throughout the time in "union" with Danmark Danish became the standar written language also in Norwegen. It is often explaind that the reason for this is that many of those who wrote in Noregian died during the Black Death, although there was in fact no rules for how to write norwegian. Danish may look foreign, but not more foreign than more distant Norwegian dialects. In the constitution og 1814 Norwegian was named official language, but in fact writeings was still in Danish. However, many ment norwegians shold write in Norwegian.
In the middle of the 1800 hundreds started a simple farmer to travel around and collect the language. Wergeland had erlier been doing some norwegianization, but Ivar Aasen was our first linguist. He colected and categorized a Norwegian dictionary and grammar based on the dialects from around the country, though he excluded the southernmost regions as he ment they were too inflicted by Danish (Which is totaly true. The Viken district (Oslofjorden) was often considered a part of Danish kingdoms alredy before the viking age).
Aasens Landsmål was accepted in schools in 1884 and so was there established two writing norms in Norway Landsmaal and riksmaal, the riksmål was in basic pure Danish.
The governement have been trying to bring them closer, especially when the labour party got the power in 1935. It mainly affekted bokmål (earlier riksmaal), the changes were considered radikal. Parents started to correct their childrens books, but even though a huge movement evolved (there still exists somting called riksmålsforbundet) also after the WWII against the "radikal bokmål" this has been the evolution of both norms, they have become more alike and more is legal. There isn't much difference between radical nynorsk and radical bokmål (if there was much difference to begin with)
Anyway, these have nothing to do with speaking. Linguistics groups Norwegian in 4 or 5 mayor groups of dialects none of these are in any maner precisely like nynorsk or bokmål.
LyddiWednesday 15th of June 2005 03:41:24 PM
Thank you for the history lesson! It’s good to know this.
If I took a course (for foreigners) of Norwegian language in Oslo, which one they would teach me there? Bokmål or Nynorsk?

Which one should I choose?

PetrWednesday 15th of June 2005 08:42:01 PM
- Bokmål