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Peter fra LAWednesday 27th of October 2004 09:47:02 PM
Do you like Cartoons -
Click here to see a list of all PHRASE lessons.

Do you like Comic Books? Then you can spend time in a fun excercise while you learn the Norwegian language!

You can find more of these

and be able to review previously published cartoons for more learning execercises at the Norwegian Internet Portal

Be sure to bookmark this site and keep going back to follow the story of these two characters as they go through life!
MarjaThursday 28th of October 2004 01:44:53 AM
- Wow! Thats really cool! Takk Peter! :)
I remember when I was learning French and Spanish at high school, our textbooks would have cartoons in them. Quite often if we werent exactly sure what a particular word meant, we could see what the characters were doing and work it out from that. Which makes them good for learning!