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Peter fra LAMonday 24th of January 2005 10:47:47 AM
Do you like -
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Games, Puzzles, and More to give your Norwegian a workout or your imagination and inquisitive nature some attention.

Click on a link below:
o Solve a Norwegian-English Crossword Puzzle Online
o Clueword Crossword Express Applet
o Range of word and problem-solving games in Norwegian, including hangman, crossword puzzles, word searches, rebuses, and matchstick puzzles
o Levende Fortellinger Interactive story-telling machine that allows you to select a story genre and follow a tree of decisions to an outcome that you will finally determine
o Lekebanken Children’s playground games with illustrations
o X-ord Crossword puzzles, poetry and palindromes
o Spillguiden Quizzes and games often pertaining to current events or cultural issues relevant to Norway