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CharonPluTuesday 01st of February 2005 01:08:16 AM
Hei hei - Just wanted to introduce myself to the communnity. Now, I'll have a good look around.

eric151Tuesday 01st of February 2005 07:10:44 AM
- your avatar looks like it could have 2 meanings...

i'm eric, enjoy it here
CharonPluTuesday 01st of February 2005 11:18:11 AM
- haha. I had better do something about that.
CharonPluTuesday 01st of February 2005 11:46:36 AM
- Hei, Eric. Hyggelig å treffe deg. Jeg heter Murray.
eric151Wednesday 02nd of February 2005 10:30:19 AM
- heisann murray, hvor gammel er du? jeg er 16 år gammel.

vi sees,
CharonPluWednesday 02nd of February 2005 11:01:40 AM
- Hei. Jeg er 23 år gammel. Hva liker du å gjøre?
Jeg liker å gå på ski.

Hva er "vi sees?"

Svein ErikWednesday 02nd of February 2005 04:27:54 PM
- "vi sees" = A form of "see you later"
If you are to directly translate it, it means "we'll see (each other later)". But, when you say "vi sees" it means "see you later.
CharonPluThursday 03rd of February 2005 01:00:56 AM
- Takk for hjelpen.
KathyKFriday 11th of February 2005 05:35:36 PM
- Well, I suppose that all Scandianvian, always got the same words...Vi ses (In Swedish) and Vi sees (In Norwegian)...Well, I just wonder that Scandinavian people don't be confusing??????...