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Peter fra LAWednesday 08th of September 2004 10:11:47 PM
Hei norskklassen - Hei,

Living in Los Angeles I am exposed to many languages in the different places I go to: Armenian, Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), Dutch, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Farsi, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

I always wanted to study a scandinavian language such as Norwegian, or Swedish. The only class that came close was German. So I took that. I havn't used my German for a long time and it has sadly gotten worse over the years.

In college, again I could not find any offerings in Norwegian or Sweedish. I decided to take Japanese. Although an easy language for me to speak, when it came time to make a decision to continue on I declined in favor of finishing my degree(s) in Business, Economics, and Information Systems.

Spanish I am exposed to due in part to our close proximity to Mexico.

I am deciding to just go ahead and study Norwegian on my own. I found more resources to study Norwegian than Swedish in my local bookstores and online so I choose Norwegian.

My main focus in the beginning is to unlearn my "English Ear" and learn proper pronunciation of Norsk words in Bokmål.

I study a *lot* of different things. I spend my free time out on the ocean, sailing boats, working on boats, sitting around cafés talking to everyone.

I have travelled around many parts of the world, but the Scandinavian countries are on my short list (including Iceland)

If you want to just Classroom, email, or penpal, that is good with me.

Den må tidlig krøkes som god krok skal bli -

hislen fra LA,

AnyaThursday 09th of September 2004 08:19:56 AM
- Hello Peter-
Welcome to the site! You live in such a culturaly diverse area! I am really excited that you are learning Scandinavian languages. I think you will find people on here to help with Norwegian.
Have fun learning!