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atsuiWednesday 15th of September 2004 11:18:06 AM
help with Norwegian (and maybe PhraseBase site too) - I want to learn the basics of Norwegian, but unsure how PhraseBase site will help.
Peter fra LAWednesday 15th of September 2004 11:30:41 PM
Navigating Phrasebase - Phrasebase has split the message discusss into two main sections.

One section is primarily dedicated to the language itself (in this case a discuss for Norwegian) and a second section primarily dedicated to the countries where a language may be spoken (in this case a discuss for Norway).

If you want to talk about culture, or general information about the country Norway then you should continue posting here.

If you are wanting to talk about speaking, or learning the language itself (Norsk) then you should go to the discuss called Norwegian and post there.

I was wondering why all you people were hanging out in this discuss :)