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eric151Tuesday 21st of December 2004 06:52:03 AM
hey i'm new here - hey everyone.
i'm 16 and from Phoenix, AZ.
you might be questioning my sexual orientation because of my icon or whatever but i assure you i am straight hah.

anyway, i just bought a Norsk learning CD that should help me, and hopefully this will help me too, i'm mostly worried about speaking it 100% correctly.

but what a great place to learn! see you around

eric151Tuesday 28th of December 2004 04:11:15 AM
- pretty talkative discuss i must say,
anyway, i just got this thing called Language/30 Norsk and it's supposed to teach me norwegian. i flipped through the booklet that comes with the tapes and it says "Godag" instead of "God dag". does stuff like that really matter or am i just being dumb?
AntarticTuesday 28th of December 2004 10:55:38 PM
- Hallo eric, I'm learning norwegian but I'm a rookie. I think it should be very common in speaking to join the two D. I say this because it happens in all the languages, so I don't think that norwegians worry about saying god-dag. However a native speaker could explain this better. But it seems that there's few people here :(
eric151Wednesday 29th of December 2004 05:00:52 AM
- yeah you're right.
but i mean like writing-wise.
maybe it's like the english word 'night', it can be written 'nite'.
that's a bad example but i think i understand
eriknnMonday 03rd of January 2005 06:19:16 AM
- Hi, I'm glad to hear that you're interrested in my language :) And just to clear things up, it would be probably be written "god dag", but actually we don't use the frases "god dag", "god kveld" etc so much anyways, as they sound quite formal. Except "god natt" that is, which is used when going to bed. We are more likely to use "hei", og maybe "heisann" (a bit more surprised) if we meet good friends. However if you actually mean to wish somebody a good day, like "have a nice day", then "ha en god dag" would sound very good.

If you DO wish to use "god dag" when meeting somebody, it would sound more like "go'dag".. Saying "go'dag go'dag" would lower the formality and sound good when meeting colleagues etc...

Hope what I wrote made sense :)
eric151Monday 03rd of January 2005 09:02:54 AM
- mange takk, eriknn. i had a feeling it sounded formal but i don't have a norwegian "partner" so to say to tell me. and those other words for 'hi' will come in useful, plus i love learning local slang that will help me fit in.
eriknnMonday 03rd of January 2005 03:09:24 PM
- Glad to help. You actually got my first post on this discuss :p If you wish to practice your norwegian you should feel free to add me to your MSN contact list if you've got one..
hazMonday 10th of January 2005 08:30:19 PM
- hey,, im learning norwegian too.,.and this is also my first post...

its would be good if we got a group of people together tolearn or something..

eric151Tuesday 11th of January 2005 07:33:33 AM
- yeah that'd be cool^
do you have msn?
if you do, add me:
Tuesday 11th of January 2005 08:49:48 PM
- cool..i will add you when I get home,.,.

MidgeWednesday 12th of January 2005 05:12:55 PM
- hey my name is vanessa and im trying to learn norwegian also lol. but im not very good
MidgeWednesday 12th of January 2005 05:17:14 PM
- there's not a lot of ppl here i would say...

eric151Thursday 13th of January 2005 04:55:24 AM
- hvor er du fra, vanessa?
jeg bor i staten arizona i usa.
hvor gammel er du?
jeg er 16 år gammel ;)

ha det!
stjerneTuesday 18th of January 2005 03:44:03 PM
- Hei og velkommen,

Hvor er alle fra? Jeg bor i staten Oregon, i en by som heter Eugene. Jeg er fra Storbritannia. Jeg er 29 år.

Jeg må gå nå.

Ha det godt!

MSN Messenger adresse
eric151Wednesday 19th of January 2005 06:46:25 AM
- hey i used to live in Salem, i forgot how far away it is from eugene though.

and i hope you don't mind me adding you to my MSN list.. just to ask the occasional grammatical question and whatnot.

stjerneWednesday 19th of January 2005 02:12:41 PM
- cool... Salem is about 65 -70 miles away from Eugene if I rememebr right.

It's no problem you or anyone else adding me to msn (or yahoo etc), I'll be glad to help you where I can :)

one question though.. I'm not sure what context you mean snakkes in.. (å snakke is the verb to talk).

ser deg senere.
eric151Thursday 20th of January 2005 06:11:42 AM
- yeah i've been talking to a guy from norway and he says that 'snakkes' when he goes offline, i'll have to ask him what it means. hah, i'm such a newbie! argh!
stjerneThursday 20th of January 2005 09:05:19 AM
- ooohhh, It's not something that I have heard of or seen... must remember to ask my norsk teacher what it means.

eric151Thursday 20th of January 2005 09:39:42 AM
- you're so lucky you have a norwegian teacher! there's like no one in arizona. all spanish down here.
stjerneThursday 20th of January 2005 01:36:59 PM
- for sure... One good place to find a norwegian tutor is through your local sons of norway lodge. There are a few lodges in AZ, I think the closest one to you is in Mesa. They offer language classes, classes in teaching norwegian traditions, scholarships and much more. I'm not sure if they offer the language classes to non members, their may be a fee. If your interested I can give you the contact information.

I myself am an active member and attend the language classes, they're a lot of fun, and being with native norwegian speakers helps out tremendously with pronounciation.

Another good source for learning is a CD-ROM from Eurotalk Interactive, (I bought this to help my husband learn polish, they offer these series in more than 70 languages).
They have a begining and intermediate levels and cover a range of subjects with quizes and a color print out dictionary not to mention pronounciation practice. You can find out more by going to If I have given you the United Kingdom version click on the US site link to be redirected.

For grammar I recommend a book written by Louis Janus, called Norwegian verbs and essentials of grammar priced at $16.95 although you can probably get it cheaper through

Also check out the norword example posted by Peter, it is an excellent resource written by Louis Janus and Nancy Aarsvold.

A excellent dictionary is by Einar Haugen, Norwegian to English. It offers words in both Bokmål and Nynorsk. Not much help if you need something translated to Norsk, but I found was a lifesaver when reading norwegian. Again you could get this at for around $25 new or less for used copies.

Last of all check out all the lessons posted by Peter, there's a wide range of subjects and are very helpful especially the pronounciation guide.

Hope this has been helpful for you and if you need any help let me know, I'll do what I can :)

Ha det godt!
eric151Friday 21st of January 2005 05:33:32 AM
- wow dustbunny! thanks so much for that information, i'll check out sons of norway, isn't it pretty expensive though? and do i just like email the president of the lodge and ask to join? are there any younger people there? i was planning on buying Haugen's dictionary for $18 on ebay, pretty cool. oh and btw, i'm talking to that norwegian kid and he said 'snakkes' translates to 'i'll talk to you later' or 'talk to you soon' ;) i'm sure it's slang so we probably wouldn't know. anyway thanks again,

snakkes ;)
stjerneFriday 21st of January 2005 01:34:58 PM
- Hei og velbekomme :) The annual dues for sons of norway would be around $17.50 as your a young adult (16-23 yrs). It's a great source of learning. I'll give you their contact information.

I was thinking that's exactly what snakkes meant lol I thought it had to be slang.

ha det bra.
eric151Saturday 22nd of January 2005 04:55:27 AM
- whoa less than 20$? i thought it'd be like 300$ or something.
contact info would be cool, sun city is closest to me but only old people live there so i would probably go to mesa. i can't wait to join!

ha det
stjerneSaturday 22nd of January 2005 07:03:34 AM
- yeah, it is good value and worth every cent (in my opinion :) )especially for all the benefits you get.

There is one in Sun City, I can send you the info for that one too if you prefer, check your message box here as I sent you the info last night for the one in Mesa.

snakkes. :)
kerrynMonday 28th of February 2005 06:36:39 PM
- im new here too, so if anyone wants to add me to their MSN it would be great, im

im having lessons here in Oslo, but to be honest im not doing so well...

ok... so... jeg heter kerryn og jeg kommer fra stor britannia. jeg bor i Oslo og jeg studerer journalistik.


ok... well hello!
stjerneTuesday 01st of March 2005 02:14:54 PM
- Hei Kerryn og velkommen til gruppen!! :)

Hyggelig å møte deg.

Jeg heter Marianne og Jeg er fra Storbritannia også men nå jeg bor i Eugene, Oregon. Hvor i Storbritannia er du fra?
Jeg arbeider i en reisebyrå.

Jeg har MSN også, min adresse er eller yahoo messenger er stjernerap

kerrynTuesday 01st of March 2005 11:13:17 PM
- hei!
i like måte!

jeg kommer fra Dorset og jeg studerer i Southampton. Og hvor i Storbritannia er du far?

stjerneWednesday 02nd of March 2005 08:20:40 AM
- Jeg kommer fra Falkirk i Skotland. men nå jeg bor i Eugene med min mann, han er norsk også.
kerrynThursday 03rd of March 2005 06:59:27 PM
- hygelig!
sqzThursday 24th of March 2005 06:20:32 PM
snakkes - [quote]Originally posted by eric151
yeah i've been talking to a guy from norway and he says that 'snakkes' when he goes offline, i'll have to ask him what it means. hah, i'm such a newbie! argh![/quote]

"snakkes" means something like "we'll talk later," "see you"
eric151Friday 25th of March 2005 12:43:05 AM
- cool thanks, sqz. is that you in your avatar? du er vakker!
sqzSaturday 26th of March 2005 08:20:44 AM
- ja, det er meg. tusen takk :)
BeateSunday 03rd of April 2005 08:05:51 PM
- hei på dere!
er også ny her og vil bare si en stor hei til dere alle!
håper dere er ikke imot nye medlemer her :-)
bra discusset er dette!