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jayzeeWednesday 13th of October 2004 03:23:36 PM
intro - hey everyone. i just quickly want to say hi. it seems as though i will not be here for very long.must go to bed soon. if all goes well, i will definately be back tomorrow. so how does this work?
AnyaWednesday 13th of October 2004 04:44:54 PM
- Jayzee
Welcome to PhraseBase!
Thank you for introducing yourself. First off, you can post in the discuss of the languages you are interested in. That way you can find PenPals and someone to learn with!
I see that you are learning Norwegian and Spanish.
Click on the languages above and you should get to those discusss (so you can post questions/requests there).

There is an excellent Spanish Administrator on this site: Maryam. And the people studying Norwegian are very helpful!

Also, you can choose to have PhraseBase be in the language you are learning by clicking on the flags up above in the top bar.

Finally, come to Classroom and we will help you navigate around and practice pronounciation!

Have a good night, see you tomorrow!


P.S. I'm very excited that you know Afrikaans and Zulu!!! there are some members on here that would like to learn those languages, so if you can teach us some, that would be wonderful!
jayzeeThursday 14th of October 2004 09:29:33 AM
i dont know about this - hey anya, can i call you that
first of all,thank you for your hospitality.second, i can not speak zulu. i know only a few words, and that is no understatement. afrikaans on the other hand, i know very well, and would be very glad to help with. my first goal is to get to speak perfekt norsk.i have a little trouble finding my way around on the page. but i am thinking that i would need some norwegian speakers online, like in the Classroom room, but i am not really sure.

when are you planning to log on again?
i am going to try to keep this page open for the next couple of hours and hope you can join in. i think you will be able to get me started and clear up the confusion.

anyway, hope to Classroom to you soon

AnyaTuesday 19th of October 2004 01:55:13 PM
- Jayzee,
ooops! I didn't see this post until today. I understand what you mean about Zulu. I hope you've been able to look around the site and get acquainted with how things work. This post will move to the Norwegian discuss where you will be able to get more responses to your request.
Come visit us in Classroom, look in the members section for native Norwegian speakers, explore, and ask lots of questions!
Welcome again.