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maaloyFriday 19th of March 2004 04:02:48 AM
Laere Norsk - Hjelp! - Hi there!
Please could you help me learn conversational Norwegian. I would like to be able to write to and receive regular e-mails from a Norwegian who speaks Bokmal (the main form of Norwegian). I would be able to assist with English.
Saturday 20th of March 2004 05:55:22 AM
Heej - Im swedish, I could learn you swedish instead of norwegian (its almost same)
Hej d (Bye)
KiaraTuesday 30th of March 2004 08:51:25 AM
Heya! - I'm Norwegian, so I can probably help you! :) Just PM me, or send me an e-mail, if you're interested.

Peter fra LAWednesday 13th of October 2004 10:46:54 PM
Wake up call - This is a courtesy response to trigger your auto-email notification. I would like you to come and look at the resources I have added to help you learn Norwegian.