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Peter fra LAWednesday 17th of November 2004 07:50:06 AM
Learning Norwegian? -
If you are learning a foreign language for the first time, then having good reading materials is a must. We prefer using newspapers, but sometimes they are written with a higher technical language or with a lot of assumptions placed on the reader when it comes to having knowledge of colloquial forms of the language.

Norway has one newspaper that is written clearly for people that are learning the Norwegian Language. Klar Tale has been written for you! Click Here to read it:
Bri77Wednesday 17th of November 2004 01:51:58 PM
- That's great Peter. Although it is still advance for me, I still like to be involve on the 411 in Norway. I have found a website for ppl who may not speak too well or not at all Norwegian but are interested in knowing what's going. It's:

DustBunnyWednesday 17th of November 2004 05:19:08 PM
- mange takk!!

another good newspaper is Aftenposten it has pages in both Norwegian and english.

It can be found at
there is a link on the webpage for English or go to