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BreakawayWednesday 30th of March 2005 11:18:30 AM
Link help? Just learning! - Hi all,

I really look forward to learning Norwegian. Firsty I am half Norwegian and our school has a foreign exchange student from Norway, so I would like to talk to her.

Anyways I was looking around this discuss and somebody posted at topic and then I think it was (PeterfromLA) but I'm not sure posted a site that sends you emails everyday with lessons and it takes like 160 days. The website has a pale blue backround. I plan on learning with my mom. I look very much towards learning and expect many questions from me. I also look to joining the class we have going.

CharonPluWednesday 30th of March 2005 12:23:44 PM
- Hei og velkommen!

It's always nice to have new members to the Norsk discuss. Have a look around and ask away!


PS.- I think you're talking about NorWord. :)
stjerneWednesday 30th of March 2005 02:03:50 PM
- Hei og velkommen til norsk discussen :)

The link Peter posted was for Norword, It is an excellent resource for learning.

the link is [url][/url] or you can email the list manager directly and request to be added to the list at

As Charon said, it is great to have new members and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

I'm not sure where you are located but we have 2 norwegian classes being held. One is on Sunday evenings 7:00pm PST and the other on Friday mornings at 11:00am PST. you will be more than welcome to join either or both.

eric151Thursday 31st of March 2005 06:15:30 AM
- hey where is your school? like what state?

and yeah NorWord is really lame in my opinion. phrases you would hardly ever say. as if you'll walk up to a random person and say "Hva gjør du om morgenen?"

if you want to learn quickly then buy Teach Yourself Norwegian. i found my on ebay with a norwegian dictionary for 5$ but that was a screaming deal. plus there are excercises that help keep it in your mind.

BreakawaySaturday 02nd of April 2005 12:20:14 AM
- I will look into buying some books on it. And thanks for the Norword link I will also try that. :)
stjerneSaturday 02nd of April 2005 12:34:34 AM
- velbekomme! :)

Some books I recommend are:

Norsk-Englesk Ordbook by Einar Haugen

Norwegian: Verbs and Essentials of Grammar by Louis Janus

Teach Yourself Norwegian by Margaretha Danbolt Simmons

Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge by Kathleen Stokkar and Odd Haddal

Norwegian in 10 minutes a day by Kristine Kershul.

You can find new/used copies at reasonable prices by going to [url][/url]