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WalnuttreeMonday 17th of January 2005 11:05:38 PM
Newbie - wanting to learn norwegian - Hi you all!

As I (17 year old girl from Austria) am really, really interested in Norway and will hopefully have the possibility of spending some time there next year (maybe as and Au Pair girl) I'm a lot intersted in learning norwegian and as a fact I'm looking for a tutor :D

would be delighted to hear from you :D

eric151Tuesday 18th of January 2005 07:31:08 AM
- velkommen, walnuttree ;)
er du heter Caro? jeg heter Eric.

what's an Au Pair girl? like an exchange student? that'd be really awesome. you would learn so much faster with a tutor, i wish i had one!

ha det
stjerneTuesday 18th of January 2005 03:55:49 PM
- hei og velkommen,

If you like I would be happy to tutor you with the norwegian I know. :)

feel free to send me a pm,email or you can add me to yahoo, msn etc.


WalnuttreeTuesday 18th of January 2005 08:52:11 PM
- Hey! Nice, maybe we could make some kind of language class?
An Aupair girl is someone who goes abroad for a certain time, lives with a family and takes care of the children. It's not really like being an exchange student - for you don't necessarily have to attend some language school.
Peter fra LASaturday 29th of January 2005 11:13:38 AM
- It only takes an agreement on day of week + time + use similar materials!

I will help out.
stjerneSaturday 29th of January 2005 04:07:35 PM
- great... maybe we can get a class started in the Classroomroom lessons. I will help out as much as I can.

What day/time is suitable for everyone? Any day is good for me except Tuesday evenings.. I have norwegian class that night.

What materials is everyone using? I'm using Essential verbs and grammar by Louis Janus along with Einar Haugen's Norwegian-English dictionary. I have a few other materials but the two I mentioned are the ones I use most.
ioannesSunday 30th of January 2005 11:35:05 PM
hey - Walnuttree, I am native speaker, and I will gladly help you out with Norwegian. Just ask.

WalnuttreeTuesday 01st of February 2005 03:52:16 AM
- Hey! Wow, great. Thanks a lot!

I'm a beginner I have to confess, but I'm really excited to learn. I just know how to say hello and good bye and the likes. Just start when and where you want :D

THX, Caro
TsvetaSunday 17th of April 2005 06:28:38 PM
hi:) - hi,I would like to learn Norwegian as well :)
I can help you with Bulgarian and French in exchange :)
DorazThursday 23rd of June 2005 03:39:31 AM
Learn Norwegian - Hi, I also want to learn norwegian... I live in Stavanger now... and I need somebody who can speak with me (also on msn messenger... somebody interested????
PsycheFriday 24th of June 2005 05:10:57 PM
- Hey Doraz!

You could talk to me on msn :)

Here`s my address: