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Peter fra LAThursday 21st of October 2004 10:54:40 AM
Norsk PHRASES 07 -
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Format Used:
English Phrase
Norwegian Phrase /American-English Transcription/


Call a doctor!
Tilkall lege /TEEL-KAHL LEH-GEH/

Call an ambulance!
Tilkall sykebil /TEEL-KAHL SEE-CHEH-BEEL/

Call the police!
Tilkall politi /TEEL-KAHL POO-LEE-TEE/

He can't breathe.
Han får ikke puste. /HAHN FOHR EEK-KEH PEWS-TEH/

He can't move.
Han kan ikke røre seg. /HAHN KAHN EEK-KEH RUH-REH SAI/

He did not stop.
Han stoppet ikke. /HAHN STOOP-PEHT EEK-KEH/

He ran into me.
Han løp på meg /HAHN LUHP POH MAI/

He was driving too fast.
Han kjørte for fort. /HAHN CHUHR-TEH FOOR FOORT/

He has cut himself.
Han har skåret seg. /HAHN HAHR SKOH-REH SAI/

I can't move my arm.
Jeg kan ikke bevege armen min. /YAI KAHN EEK-KEH BEH-VEH-GEH AHR-MEHN MEEN/

I can't move my leg.
Jeg kan ikke bevege foten min. /YAI KAHN EEK-KEH BEH-VEH-GEH FOO-TEHN MEEN/

I've been robbed.
Jeg er blitt ranet /YAI AR BLEET RAH-NEHT/

Stop that thief!
Stopp tyven! /STOOP TEE-VEHN/

My passport has been stolen.
Passet mitt er stjålet. /PAHS-SEHT MEET AR STYOH-LEHT/

My money has been stolen.
Pengene mine er stjålet. /PEHN-GEH-NEH MEE-NEH AR STYOH-LEHT/

My car has been stolen.
Bilen min er stjålet. /BEE-LEHN MEEN AR STYOH-LEHT/

There's a fire!
Det brenner! /DEH BREHN-NEHR/

Where is the nearest hospital?
Hvor er nærmeste sykehus? /VOOR AR NAR-MEHS-TEH SEE-KEH-HEWS/

Where is the nearest police station?
Hvor er nærmeste politistasjon? /VOOR AR NAR-MEHS-TEH POO-LEE-TEE-STAH-SHOON/

When starting out you will frequently notice that the letters d, g, and h are often silent in Norwegian:

Land (English meaning: Land) [Phonetic: /LAHN/]
Viktig (English meaning: Important) [Phonetic: /VEEK-TEE/, to my ear the K is rather soft and I sometimes hear it as if it is /VEEG-TEE/]
Hva (English menaing: What) [Phonetic: /VAH/]

Each vowel (a, e, i, o, u, y, æ, ø, å) in a stressed syllable is either long (about three times longer than you are in the habit of holding it) or very short.
PepperlandMonday 01st of November 2004 03:37:19 AM
- Thank you for posting these phrases!!It´s very interesting and the english transcription actually helps a lot!!