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Peter fra LAFriday 22nd of October 2004 10:17:57 PM
Norsk PHRASES 13 -
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Format Used:
English Phrase
Norwegian Phrase /American-English Transcription/

Planer & Avtaler

Are you free .....
Er du ledig ..... /AR DEW LEH-DEE/

i dag /EE DAHG/
i morgen /EE MOH-REHN/
this evening?
i aften? /EE AHF-TEHN/

I have an appointment .....
Jeg har en avtale med ..... /YAI HAHR EHN AH-VTAH-LEH MEH/

I have plans already
Jeg har allerede planer /YAI HAHR AHL-LEH-REH-DEH PLAH-NEHR/

I am going to the movies
Jeg skal p kino /YAI SKAHL POH KEE-NOO/

I am going to the theater
Jeg skal p teater /YAI SKAHL POH TEH-AH-TEHR/

I am going to the museum
Jeg skal p museum /YAI SKAHL POH MEW-SEH-EWM/

Do you want to go out with me tonight?
Har du lyst til g ut med meg i kveld? /HAHR DEW LEEST TEEL OH GOH EWT MEH MAI EE KVEHL/

I'd love to
Gjerne /YAR-NEH/

Do you have tickets?
Har du billetter? /HAHR DEW BEEL-LEHT-TEHR/

I have two tickets for .......
Jeg har to billetter til... /YAI HAHR TOO BEEL-LEHT-TEHR/

I don't like the music
Jeg liker ikke musikken /YAI LEE-KEHR EEK-KEHR MEW-SEEK-KEHN/

The music is too loud
Lyden av musikken er for hy /LEE-DEHN AHV MEW-SEEK-KEHN AR FOOR HOY/

It's too crowded here
Det er for fullt her /DEH AR FOOR FEWLT HAR/

Shall we go somewhere else?
Skal vi g et annet sted? /SKAHL VEE GOH EHT AHN-NEHT STEHD/

What movie shall we go to?
Hvilken film skal vi se? /VEEL-KEHN FEELM SKAHL VEE SEH/

What did you think about the movie?
Hva synes du om filmen? /VAH SEE-NEHS DEW OOM FEEL-MEHN/

When starting out you will frequently notice that the letters d, g, and h are often silent in Norwegian:

Land (English meaning: Land) [Phonetic: /LAHN/]
Viktig (English meaning: Important) [Phonetic: /VEEK-TEE/, to my ear the K is rather soft and I sometimes hear it as if it is /VEEG-TEE/]
Hva (English menaing: What) [Phonetic: /VAH/]

Each vowel (a, e, i, o, u, y, , , ) in a stressed syllable is either long (about three times longer than you are in the habit of holding it) or very short.