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Peter fra LATuesday 02nd of November 2004 02:36:16 AM
Norsk PHRASES 21 -
Under Construction

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Format Used:
English Phrase
Norwegian Phrase /American-English Transcription/

I am posting these for use as a template by the other language administrators that are building the same lessons using this format.
If you live in Norway and see a mistake or a missing translation, please send me a Private Message (PM) and let me know what needs to be done.


Smoking is bad for your health
Do you mind if I smoke?
Do you have a light?
Can I have a cigarete?
Is this a non-smoking section?
May I have an ashtray?

When starting out you will frequently notice that the letters d, g, and h are often silent in Norwegian:

Land (English meaning: Land) [Phonetic: /LAHN/]
Viktig (English meaning: Important) [Phonetic: /VEEK-TEE/, to my ear the K is rather soft and I sometimes hear it as if it is /VEEG-TEE/]
Hva (English menaing: What) [Phonetic: /VAH/]

Each vowel (a, e, i, o, u, y, , , ) in a stressed syllable is either long (about three times longer than you are in the habit of holding it) or very short.
trishWednesday 02nd of February 2005 12:26:20 AM
- well... I have some friends who are smokers..some how i know they didn,t smoke because they want to kill me or something, i just move to a non smoking zone till they are done. That right?