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Peter fra LAMonday 01st of November 2004 11:38:54 AM
Norsk PHRASES 25 -
Under Construction

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Format Used:
English Phrase
Norwegian Phrase /American-English Transcription/

I am posting these for use as a template by the other language administrators that are building the same lessons using this format.
If you live in Norway and see a mistake or a missing translation, please send me a Private Message (PM) and let me know what needs to be done.


What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?
What's the weather like usually?
It's going to rain tomorrow
It's raining
It's snowing
It's sunny
It's cloudy
It's warm outside
It's cold outside
What awful weather!
What a lovely day!
Nice day, isn't it?
Is it always this hot?
Is it always this cold?
Is it always this rainy?
Is it always this cloudy?
I'm wet

When starting out you will frequently notice that the letters d, g, and h are often silent in Norwegian:

Land (English meaning: Land) [Phonetic: /LAHN/]
Viktig (English meaning: Important) [Phonetic: /VEEK-TEE/, to my ear the K is rather soft and I sometimes hear it as if it is /VEEG-TEE/]
Hva (English menaing: What) [Phonetic: /VAH/]

Each vowel (a, e, i, o, u, y, , , ) in a stressed syllable is either long (about three times longer than you are in the habit of holding it) or very short.