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eric151Wednesday 12th of January 2005 12:13:55 PM
norwegian childrens' - i'm guessing even the most technologically advanced people don't have access to NRK-TV...

but you can watch episodes of major norwegian sitcoms on the internet:

what i do is: click 'barn' on the upper right portion of the screen and navigate my way until i get to "Barna's Supershow"
or if you are feeling ambitious you can click Nett-tv on the left hand side.

i can only pick out a handful of phrases in 12 minutes of Barna's Supershow but it helps greatly with pronunciation.

so just go here, and click the words, and once it loads click barna's supershow and pick an episodes.

anyway, maybe 1 or 2 people out there will find this useful.

admin edit: thank you for the links; links made clickable