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CharonPluSaturday 12th of March 2005 01:25:54 PM
Norwegian homophones - Hei alle! I am curious if the Norwegian language has homophones (two or more words sounding the same but having different spellings: i.e., to/two/too, bear/bare -- as opposed to homonyms (two words spelled and sounding the same but with different meanings: i.e., bank (where you may keep your money)/bank (at the edge of a river))). Does anybody know of some?

Mange takk,
CharonPluSaturday 12th of March 2005 01:48:10 PM
- To...partially answer my own question I have found that there are a few cases:

1. homophones can sometimes be distinguished by tone. I don't have the tone markings, but one example pair is bønder (farmers) / bønner (beans). Other examples listed (though I think are actually homonyms) are: tømmer (timber) / tømmer (empties) and hender (hands) / hender (happens). These are not true homophones/homonyms though, since they do not sound the same (due to tone).

2. homophones can also be distinguished by vowel length. For example: pen/penn and tak/takk. the ‘e’ in pen and 'a' in tak are long, and short in penn and takk. Again, since the words don’t sound the same they are not true homophones.

Since tone and vowel length play a large role in pronunciation, I wonder if (true) homophones/homonyms exist in Norwegian!?

PsycheSunday 13th of March 2005 04:31:06 AM
- I just read you post, and I thought about the classic homophones gjerne (love to )and hjerne (brain). Also tjene (earn) and skjene (swerve) are homophones. I`ll add some more if I get pass any!

CharonPluSunday 13th of March 2005 12:41:17 PM
- Thank you kindly, Psyche. I look forward to learning of any more you find. :)

Sunday 13th of March 2005 04:03:42 PM
- Found one more, while I was on the Classroom, lol.
Skyss ( give a lift )and kyss (kiss, guess that everyone knows that one:)..
PsycheSunday 13th of March 2005 04:09:11 PM
- One more:)
Skyss ( give/get a lift) and kyss (guess that everyone knows that one;))