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tragicallyhipSaturday 19th of March 2005 04:11:48 PM
NRK - hei ok i am new here and after about 4 days of reading over all the topics in here i thought ok now i know what is going on i can post myslef(by the bye i must say there are so many americans wanting to learn norwegian ..that is somehow intresting and great ...)
anyway getting to the pint of this post somewehre i saw a link to a web page were you could listen to audiofiles whilst reading the well
at if you go to nett tv you could watch the news and see other things you just need to sign up for the free version(thats not really difficult i managed to do that while i was not speaking any norwegian)
you cant read the text but depending how far you are with your studies it might be a nice way to hear the language spoken...I know i probably shouldnt open a new topic here ..but maybe everyone could post there links were to hear or watch nrowegian tv or radio..what do you think about that?
CharonPluSunday 20th of March 2005 12:14:15 AM
- Hei tragicallyhip og velkommen. :) Takk for nettstedet.

Hey, tragicallyhip, and welcome. :) Thanks for the website.
stjerneSunday 20th of March 2005 02:15:10 AM
- Hei og Velkommen til norske discussen!!

Mange tusen takk for websiden!!

If you don't have exposure to Norway and the language this is an excellent way to hear native speaking norwegian in both bokmål and nynorsk. It includes many of the different dialects so that one can hear how each is pronounced. It is also a great way to improve on your own pronounciation.

Keeping a dictionary with pen and paper close to hand is useful for writing down words you know, then re-listen to the article again and listen out for new words.. it is a good way of building vocabulary, before you know it you will be able to understand the whole thing and many other articles without having to reach for a dictionary.

I also find it useful for hearing how they structure sentences etc, this helps out a greal deal along with a grammar book such as the one written by Louis Janus.

I frequently tune in to both radio and tv can always find somthing of interest.
PetrSaturday 18th of June 2005 06:22:18 AM
- Yea NRKs homepage is really nice, I use it a lot. You can liten to the radio or records of everything from the last three or four weeks (I use this to record certain shows, or just interesting parts) You can also look at a great deal of tv-productions. You may find my favorit comedy show, "Ut i vår hage" It should be seen. I love the way they have made short films instead of conventional sketches. The only comedy tv-show I know who is as good as this is the beautiful "The Office".
Anyway, if you are interested in reading some Norwegian here are some Norwegian newspapers:
Maybe I overdid it? At least it should be plenty. Notice that i didn't include and (dagens næringsliv) This should keep you updated on the movements in Norway. Som of the sites may have a English version in addition to the Norwegian. Is maybe for Norwegians, but I thik there is a English section. you'll find dictionaries (both nynorsk and bokmål) Grammar as well as a lot of info about Norwegian. You may ask questions, these people are the experts, actually they are governing the language as vell so if they want to they could change it (As long as the parlament doesn't say no) "Norsk ordbok" is a project who started in the 1930s. It's a ambisious project to collect ALL Norwegian words and expressions in one work. Recently was the 4th volume (out of 12) finnished. They are now working hard to get as much as possible done before 2014 (200 years since the constitution) the goal is 8 out of 12. It's a lovely project though and when it's finnished it should be compulsory in every Norwegian bookcase (read: home).

Oh, I forgott; When you thought you were starting to be rather good at Norwegian or if you are a native speaker, look at this and you'll realise there is yet much to learn. (I wonder if they have this kind of shows in any English speaking coutries? or any other country?)

Hi once more. There was even one more thing I forgot. If you are sick and tired of the usual languge in these papers visit This is the digital revoultion! (wonder why I bothered to write this in Englis?) Uansett, Aftenposten på barnespråk va ei skikkelig latterbombe, så kan trøndera få læst adressa på sitt eige språk. Gjett om eg ska lær meg http, html og javascript. Det her e just de' væla trøng.
Downundergirl5Thursday 23rd of June 2005 03:38:19 PM
Heya - Hello,
I was very interested in your posting, because i am an Austrialia wanting to learn some norsk.
I dont know very much of it.
Pretty much just the basic's like, Hello, How are you? and what have you been doing?
Thats about all i know, and i would like yo know moreso if you would like to help me learn more norsk that would be great!
Thanks heaps.