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PsycheThursday 05th of May 2005 08:42:42 PM
Phrase Lessons 2.0 -
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Format Used:
English Phrase
Norwegian Phrase /American-English Transcription/HOTELS

Do you have any vacancies?
Har De noe ledig rom? /HAHR DEE NO-EH LED-EEGEH ROOM/

I have a reservation
Jeg har reservert (YAI HAHR RESER-VEHRT/

Can I get a room?
Kan jeg reservere et rom? /KAHN YAI FAW ET ROOM/

It is for...
Det er for.../DEH AR FOR/ person
...en person /EN PERS-OON/

...two people personer /TO PERS-OON-EHR/

...three people
...tre personer /TRE PERs-OON-HER/ night
...en natt /EN NATT/

...two nights netter /TO NET-EHR/

...three nights
...tre netter /TRE NET-EHR/ week
...en uke /EN OOK-EH/

...two weeks uker /TO OOK-EHR/

...three weeks
...tre uker /TRE OOK-EHR/

I want...
Jeg vil ha.../YAI VEEL HAH/

...a single room rom /ET ROOM/

...two rooms rom /TO ROOM/

...with a single (bed) enkeltrom /ET ENK-HELT ROOM/

...with two single (beds) to enkeltsenger /MEHD TO ENK-HELT

...with a double bed dobbelseng /MED DO-BELL-SENG/

...with a shower dusj /MEH DOO-SH/

...with a balcony balkong /MEH BAL-KONG/

...with a toilet toalett /MEH TOE-ALET/

Is breakfast included?
Er frokost inkludert? /AR FROO-KOOST IHN-KLEW-DEHRT/

What time is breakfast?
Når er det frokost? /NAWR AR DEH FROO-KOOST/

How much does it cost?
Hvor mye koster det? /VOOHR MEE-EH/

Fine, I will take it
Fint, jeg tar det /FEENTH; YAI TAHR DEH/

No thanks, I will not take it
Nei takk, det passer ikke /NEI TAHK, DEH PASS-HER EEK-EH/

The bill please
Regningen, takk /REIGN-EENG-EHN TAHK/

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