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fieldofreedsSunday 20th of February 2005 12:32:18 PM
Quick question - Hello,

I'm an American of vast descent, Norwegian and Irish the two most prominent nationalities in my family tree, and I've just recently started taking a laid-back course in the Norwegian language. Most of my Nowergian ancestry -- well, most of what I can find of it, anyway -- comes from a family with the last name "Wenaas" (and, in one case, Wenaasplassen or something similar), and it's just been bugging me that I can't find out the actual pronunciation for this name. The American Wenaases pronounce the name "Wee-niss," which of course is a strikingly English way to do so. I've been searching around the internet through pronunciation guides and so on, looking for how the double "a" is pronounced, but have no idea -- and it's been eating me.

As for that, I've only been able to find a double "a" in names. Any reason for this?

Thanks in advance.
CharonPluMonday 21st of February 2005 03:04:20 AM
- Hei fieldofreeds,

I'm not the pronunciation expert, but I believe 'aa' is like the letter '' as in "father," so 'Wenass' may perhaps be said like "weh-naw-s." I wonder.

Ha det!

Note: the w is probably pronounced as in 'v' - venus: "veh-naw-s"
fieldofreedsMonday 21st of February 2005 10:58:19 PM
- Thank you very much.