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ashleejsThursday 30th of September 2004 04:24:22 PM
Self Study Guide - I've been looking around the web and researching different products for quite a while now and I've come up with a list of text books/CDs/grammar aids et cetera that I am going to consider buying to help me learn Norwegian. I decided that I may as well share it with others that want to learn the language, so I hope it can be of use to you.

If I'm unsure about a product (i.e. wouldn't hurry to pay money for it because I'm still a bit skeptical) I'll put a note by it letting you know why.

If you have anything that you recommend, please add it to the list.


Colloquial Norwegian
A Complete Language Course
Kari Bråtveit, W. Glyn Jones and Kirsten Gade
Routledge 1995
ISBN 0 415 11011 4 -- book and two 60 minute cassettes
([url=]See product and reviews on[/url])
ISBN 0 415 11009 2 -- book alone
ISBN 0 415 11010 6 -- cassettes alone

Smakebiter av norsk og Norge
an 8-lesson Norwegian language course for adult
Kari Lie
self-published by "Kari Norsk", 2000
ISBN: 0-9702065-0-X
([url=]See/purchase product on[/url])
NOTE: Apparently the speakers speak Norwegian very slowly, no where near conversational speed, but it would still be useful for a beginner.

Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge Textbook
Stokker, Kathleen & Haddal, Odd
A thorough introduction to Norwegian. Used on college
campuses across the country. 640 pages. There is also
a series of seven audio cassettes to go along with
this textbook (sold separately*). Hardcover.
LBK 680

Work book also available:
Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge Workbook
Stokker, Kathleen & Haddal, Odd
Workbook for Norsk Nordmenn og Norge textbook.
LBK 681
([url=]See/purchase Text book AND Work book on[/url])

Set of seven casettes:
*Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge Casettes
Set of seven casettes (altogether 8 hours long) that you can buy separately.
Goes with the Text book and Work book.
([url=]See/purchase Casettes AND Text book AND Work book at[/url])

All Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge language learning resources as well as many others mentioned here are available at [url=][/url].


Beginners: good for beginners, I'm going to get both this and the more Advanced grammar book.
Norwegian Verbs & Essentials of Grammar: A Practical
Guide to the Mastery of Norwegian

Louis Janus
Passport Books
ISBN 0-8442-8596-X
([url=]See product and reviews on[/url])

Advanced: apparently the only better grammar book you could get is one written in Norwegian, for Norwegians.
Norwegian: An Essential Grammar
Åse-Berit and Rolf Strandskogen
[Norsk grammatikk for utlendinger]
translated by Barbara White
ISBN 0-415-10979-5
([url=]See product and reviews on[/url])


Norwegian - English Dicitionary
E Haugen
([url=]See product and reviews at[/url])
NOTE: E Haugen also wrote a text book for a full year university course on Norwegian. I haven't added it to the list because I probably won't be able to get it (it's out of print as well), but it is still worth looking at if you can get a used copy = "Spoken Norwegian" ISBN 0030190657

(Two way.)
Norwegian Dictionary
LBK 632
([url=]See/purchase product at[/url])


Pimsleur Approach
([url=] - see product details here[/url])

NOTE: This would probably be useful for learning pronunciation etc. like Peter fra LA said in the topic "Would like to learn Norwegian" but I'm still quite skeptical about this company.. see [url=http://www.phrasebase.c../../discuss/read.php?TID=1059]THIS[/url] topic to learn more.

EXTRA NOTES: Quite a few people have said that if you are going to self-study to learn a language, and you want to do it cheaply, the best way to go is to buy a 'teach yourself' style text book/course book, preferably with tapes. If it doesn't come with tapes/CDs, try to get some because you need to hear the language and be able to repeat what they say and learn the pronunciation.

Try to get your hands on Norwegian children's books, and later newspapers and novels. Listening to a Norwegian radio station over the internet (streamlining) and watching Norwegian TV shows/movies will help when you need to learn comprehension (understanding Norwegian at a conversational speed).

I've also heard that you can't learn it properly if you don't aid those teach yourself books with a decent grammar book and dictionary (two way, preferably) because often you need exra information to understand a certain thing in a language, and grammar books also serve as good reference books.

AVOID: I would avoid Teach Yourself Norwegian (by Margaretha Danbolt Simons). There are about 5 or 6 different versions of this book, and apparently the speaker on the tape (there's only one tape, which isn't enough) is speaking the wrong dialect of Norsk =\

Language/30 Norwegian. It's really old and apparently uses outdated Norwegian language. It also has only tapes and a phrase book, which isn't enough.

Edit: Added the set of 7 Casettes that goes with Norsk, Nordmenn og Norge, and a link to
AnyaThursday 30th of September 2004 08:41:37 PM
- Ashlee,
Thank you so much for putting together a great resource! (and with ISBNs! very helpful)
Your research into this is of great help to others looking to learn Norwegian. Especially given the extra information on the bottom.
Peter fra LAFriday 01st of October 2004 10:30:51 PM
Even More Learning R - [quote]Originally posted by ashleejs
I've been looking around the web and researching different products for quite a while now and I've come up with a list of text books/CDs/grammar aids et cetera that I am going to consider buying to help me learn Norwegian. I decided that I may as well share it with others that want to learn the language, so I hope it can be of use to you.[/quote]

Awesome! With someone like you "managing the fort" I can go on more vacations!

I just added a new link of Norsk Resorces.

Here is the link:

Here is a preview of what is avaialable on the link:

Resources for the Study of Norwegian


Norway: small country with two written languages

Essential background material for students of Norwegian. From
the source: "it is hard for foreigners to comprehend why
Norwegians, who 150 years ago did not have a written language of
their own and managed quite well with Danish, have, over the past
100 years, developed for good measure two Norwegian tongues. The
purpose of this article is to attempt to explain this paradoxical


The Norwegian Language Council is the Norwegian government's
advisory body in matters pertaining to the Norwegian language.

Dictionaries, Word List, Grammar and Usage


Both Bokmål and Nynorsk. Definitions in Norwegian.


LEXIN includes a

Norwegian-English dictionary
with illustrations.

Other information from the source:

Den norske ordboksserien LEXIN er laget for at det skal bli
enklere for minoritetsspråklige som bor i Norge å
lære seg norsk.

LEXIN består per i dag av disse produktene:

  • Norsk énspråklig ordbok med illustrasjoner
    (elektronisk utgave, 34000 ord).

  • Norsk-engelsk ordbok med illustrasjoner (elektronisk utgave,
    34000 ord)

  • Bildesider med 2500 bildeord og bildetekster på tamil,
    engelsk, bokmål og nynorsk (elektroniske utgaver med toveis

LEXIN-produktene er annerledes enn mange andre
ordbøker. Rundt 2500 av ordene er illustrert, og all
informasjon om oppslagsordet finner du sammen med ordet i
ordboksoppslaget. I tillegg til opplysninger om ordklasse,
bøyningsmåte og uttale, finner du forklaringer av
ordet og mange typer språkeksempler. Det er også lenker
(interaktive koblinger) mellom tekst og bilder, slik at du kan
hoppe mellom ordbøkene og bildesidene.


Use this dictionary of approximately 10,000 terms to translate
between Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.


Clue claims to be Norway's largest and most up-to-date electronic dictionary.
Clue Lookup, a subset of this commercially available dictionary, is available free
of charge. Registration requested. Clue Lookup is available in English-Norwegian,
Norwegian-English, Norwegian-Norwegian, and other versions.


iFinger is an Internet browser plug-in that provides direct
access to information resources such as the Engelsk stor
(Norwegian-English / English-Norwegian
dictionary). Users of recent versions of the Internet
Explorer browser can display definitions simply by moving the mouse
pointer over the word in question. Definitions are available in
other Windows applications with function keys and/or double

Common Norwegian Verbs

Extracted from Louis Janus's very useful
Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar.


A list of the 10,000 most frequently used words in newspaper
texts written in Bokmål.

Lita Dataordliste
for Nettet

From the source: "Språkrådet tilbyr her et knippe
av ord for dem som foretrekker å skrive norsk framfor
engelsk. De fleste av orda er allerede i bruk. En skråstrek
skiller mellom bokmål og nynorsk."

Norwegian Grammar

Compact presentations on word order, nouns, adjectives,
pronouns, and verbs from the
Norwegian Language Teachers Association of North America

Frå bokmål til nynorsk – ei lita ordliste til kvardagsbruk

From the Norsk språkråd.


Hjelp til sjølvhjelp (læreboknormalen)

Nynorsk resources

Riksmålsforbundets hjemmesider på Internett

Includes grammar sections, word lists, questions and answers,
and links to publications of the society.

Skriveregler og

From the Norsk språkråd: "På disse sidene
legger vi ut en del grunnleggende regler. Artiklene er skrevet dels
på bokmål, dels på nynorsk."


From the source: "I denne spalten svarer redaktør Per Egil Hegge på
spørsmål om det norske språk, og drøfter forskjellige problemer ved journalistspråket,
slik det fremtrer i Aftenposten og i andre medier.

Veileder i
preposisjonsbruk - bokmål

Examples of the use of common prepositions.


From the source: "Verbix is an independent non-profit organization
that aims to promote and protect linguistic diversity. . . . This site
contains verb conjugations for hundreds of languages [including Norwegian]."
Select WebVerbix for the
free online conjugator.


Choose Norwegian as the language, enter a word or phrase, and WebCONC will generate a keyword-in-context (KWIC)concordance based on usage on
Web pages. You can also
use the Google Advanced Search to check usage by choosing the "exact phrase" option and limiting your search to pages written in Norwegian.



From the source: "Dette er startsida til en norsk versjon av href="">
. Det originale IPA-kartet beskriver alle verdens
språklyder ut fra artikulatoriske definisjoner; Norske
inneholder språklyder og suprasegmenter
som finnes i dialekter av norsk." Downloads are also available on
the site.

Norwegian Pronunciation Guide


. Click on phonemes and Norwegian words to hear the
associated sound.

Nordavinden og

Transcriptions and recordings of "Nordavinden og sola" read in
various Norwegian dialects. The recordings are in MP3-format.

Online and Distance Education Classes

Offerings for Less Commonly Taught Languages

Includes distance education opportunities as well as college
and university offerings in Norwegian.


A course in Norwegian for foreign medical students, beginners
level. Includes sound files and a brief grammar overview.


An online 'virtual class' in the form of a mailing list.
Includes links to several important resources for students
including a Norwegian
Pronunciation Guide
. Follow this link to
subscribe or send an email to

Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month

From Sons of Norway.


An email course of 160 daily lessons in beginning level
Norwegian created by Nancy Aarsvold and Louis Janus in 1995 and now
made available by the moderator of Norskklassen.


A web site created by Nancy Aarsvold,
Norwegian instructor at St. Olaf College, for students and teachers
of Norwegian language and cultural studies. The site includes a

grammar section with
very useful charts.


For school use in Norway. Includes Norskfaget for both

Translation Course

This Web-based course from the University of Oslo is intended
for students who are translating from Norwegian to English. It
could as well be used, however, by students working from English to
Norwegian. The language of instruction is English.

Norwegian Literature


Aftenposten's index of book
reviews and author interviews.


From Boknett: " er startstedet for deg som er opptatt
av det skrevne ord. Her finner du relevant stoff, enten du jobber i
bokbransjen eller er interessert i litteratur."

Dagbladet: Litteratur

Index to Dagbladet's reviews.


An initiative of the Norwegian Authors' Union, this page is a
useful resource for the study of Norwegian authors, literature, and

Månedens poet

From Dagbladet. Includes
links to Helge Torvund's Lyrikkleksjoner and the href="">

where you can publish your own poem.


Norwegian fairy tales from Project Runeberg.

Links to online print, radio, and television resources.

Scandinavian Studies Web: Literature

From the Association of College and Research Libraries

Trends in Contemporary Norwegian Literature

From ODIN's gateway
to information about Norway in English

Libraries and Bookstores


BIBSYS is the catalog of the National Library. From the source:
"BIBSYS er biblioteksystemet for bibliotekene på alle
universitetene, Nasjonalbiblioteket og en rekke høgskoler og
fagbibliotek i Norge." Also available in English.


The Web site of the National Library includes links to a
variety of cultural resources.


Haugen Bok

Norli Bokhandel

Online bookstores.


Site includes sample sound files.


Geografisk inngang

County maps.

Useful resource for locating specific addresses or place names
in Norway.

Kart over
Norge / Norway map

Includes county (fylke) and municipality information.

Kvasir Kart

Zoom in and out for more or less detail. Click on Veibeskrivelse for
directions from one location to another. You can also e-mail


Useful interactive map.

Travel Resources

Visit Norway

Official site of the Norwegian Tourist Board.

Norwegian-language News


Dagbladet på

VG Nett

Web sites of national newspapers.

Klar Tale

"Klar Tale er Norges eneste lett-leste avis for voksne. Den er
laget for voksne med lese-vansker. Avisen har litt større
bokstaver enn andre aviser. Det er færre vanskelige ord og
setningene er kortere. Klar Tale leses blant andre av ordblinde,
dyslektikere, skole-barn, psykisk utviklings-hemmede og


Hyperlinks to the Web pages of other Norwegian newspapers.

NRK Interaktiv

Norway's national broadcasting system. The NRK site includes a
Kultur section.

Radio and TV Broadcasts

NRK Nettradio

Eleven NRK channels are available via Nettradio. With some
exceptions based on operating system and software, PC users will
see a radio console display. Mac users, as well as PC users who
cannot see the display, should try this link. More information about NRK
programming is available on its radio page.

NRK Lyd-
og Videospiller

From the source: "Du kan når som helst se Dagsrevyen og
Kveldsnytt - direkte eller i opptak - i bredbånds-kvalitet,
her på Du kan selv velge hvilke innslag du vil se,
eller søke i arkivet." Some other programming
available as well. NRK's Slik bruker du
NRK.nos Nett-TV
page is a good introduction to this
resource. Registration required.

Historien om Norge - på nett

På kan du denne våren få med deg alle
åtte episodene i den store tv-serien "Historien om Norge".
Serien er bygget på Karsten Alnæs' populære


i opptak

Her kan du se og høre opptak av nyhetssendinger fra NRK


NRK P2 program devoted to language issues. Links to audio files
on the right side of the page.

TV 2

Click on the WEB-TV link to
see TV 2's offerings on the Web. Users need to establish an
account. Payment required for some programs.

Audio/Video Resources

Stemmer fra Arkivet (NRK)

From the source: "Stemmer fra arkivet" inneholder utdrag av NRK-intervjuer med norske kunstnere.
Lydklippene er hentet fra NRKs radioarkiv.

Virtual Audio-Video Archives -- Norway

Norwegian-language audio files on a variety of conversation

Virtual Picture Album -- Norway

Produced by
The Less Commonly Taught Languages
program at the University of
Minnesota, the pictures here are of people, places and objects in
Norway. Each is accompanied by a list of vocabulary items
corresponding to elements in the picture and some suggested lesson
topics and grammar points.

Other Cultural Resources


From the source: "Den 25. august 2002 kunne Caplex feire
toårsjubileum som eneste gratis, norskspråklige
leksikon på nettet. Siden starten har hundretusenvis av
nordmenn gjort seg kjent med leksikonet, og trafikken ligger
på 30 000 sidevisninger i snitt pr. dag. Via har du
tilgang til 64 000 artikler, som oppdateres jevnlig, mange
illustrerte med bilder eller våre interaktive kart. I tillegg
omfatter nettstedet en rekke spesialfunksjoner, som anbefalte
internettlenker, tabeller, kryssordhjelper og mye annet."

Center for
Scandinavian Studies

The mission of the Center for Scandinavian Studies is to
advance teaching and research of Scandinavian languages, societies,
and cultures by: sharing research-based and other forms of
knowledge across disciplines, fostering research and action
projects, serving as a focal point for Scandinavian Studies at the
University of Minnesota and in North America.

Hvor mange heter

From the Statistisk
. Both current and historical statistics on
the use of names in Norway.

Kulturnett Norge

From the source: "The official gateway to Norwegian culture on
the web. Our services include an extensive database containing
links to various Norwegian culture sites, a cultural calendar of
events across the country and an online magazine about culture and
information technology."

From the source: Veien til offentlig informasjon og offentlige

Norsk Musikkinformasjon

Norwegian music information resource.

Det Norske Kongehus

Select "Aktuelt" and then "Taler" to read speeches given by the

Published by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in the USA. Includes
sections on politics, economy, culture, education, travel, visas
and passports.

Published by the Norwegian American Foundation.

Norwegian American

From the source: "The mission of The Norwegian American
Foundation is to further cooperation among all Norwegian-American
organizations and to strengthen the ties between Norway and people
throughout North America, who through ancestry and interest have a
special relationship with Norway."

ODIN--Offentlig dokumentasjon og
informasjon i Norge

Official documentation and information from Norway, including
long feature articles in English under the About

Studies Web

Links to libraries and
information services
and the book
, as well as subject resources in history, href="">
, politics and
, etc.

Society for the
Advancement of Scandinavian Study (SASS)

Includes links to Web sites
dealing with Scandinavian issues
, as well as a listing of href="">
university and college Scandinavian departments

St. Olaf
College Norwegian Department

Links to a variety of cultural resources.

United States Embassy

Includes About Norway

Search Engines and Directories

ABC Startsiden

From the source: "ABC Startsiden er en av Norges mest brukte
«portaler» - en kompakt og fyldig innholdsfortegnelse
over alt mulig som finnes på Internett og som du ofte
trenger, f.eks. nyheter, vær, helse, mat, nettbutikker,
økonomi, oppslagsverk, underholdning osv."


From the source: "Utvalgte internett-ressurser for studenter og
ansatte ved universitet og høgskoler."

Google Advanced

With Google's advanced search you can easily limit hits to
Norwegian-language pages.

leter etter . . .

From the source: "Hvordan finne fram i informasjonsjungelen?
Her får du tips om hvordan du finner fram i biblioteket ditt
og lenker til nyttige nettsteder!"


Several search possibilities, including "Norge" and

Keyboard Help

Typing Norwegian Characters on the IBM PC

Typing Norwegian Characters on the Mac

Invaluable help from Norskklassen for
those who want to be able to type the full Norwegian alphabet.

Keyboard Layout

View all the options by passing the mouse over the Caps, Shift,
Control, and AltGr keys.

Conversion Calculators


Type a value into the left column and then click outside the

Universal Currency

Another possibility is this
Valutakalkulator from
Den norske Bank

ashleejsFriday 01st of October 2004 11:30:01 PM
- [quote]Originally posted by kayguarnay
Thank you so much for putting together a great resource! (and with ISBNs! very helpful)
Your research into this is of great help to others looking to learn Norwegian. Especially given the extra information on the bottom.

Oh good! I hoped I wasn't being too forward, since I am a newbie here ^_^

And wow, genialt.. so many good things there. Jej (trying to say "yay" x_x), more vacation time =D (not for me, it seems!)