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krs240Saturday 27th of November 2004 05:34:28 AM
studying in Norway - Hello, my name is Kris and I am trying to teach myself Norwegian. I am really interested in going to Norway this summer, however I dont know the best way to go about doing this. Anyone know of any reputable places offering programs to study abroad. I would really rather just get a work visa and rent a place, but as Im 16 I dont think my parents would go for that. Besides I really dont even know if it would work out. I only have about $3k to spend, but the programs Ive seen in my range arent too long. Or maybe someone could give me advice on a way that I could get over there find a place to stay that my parents might approve of and be able to sustain myself for about two months?
AnyaSaturday 27th of November 2004 11:29:22 AM
- Hello Kris-
Welcome to PhraseBase!
I think what you plan to do is a tremendous opportunity.

Peter, who has been developing the Norwegian discuss, has made a post that answers your question (regarding higher education in Norway). You can read it here: Higher Education in Norway

I think the fact that you are 16 should not hold you back! I can tell you are determined and little things won't stand in your way.
Good luck with your pursuits! And let us know if we can help you in any way.
KellendilWednesday 01st of December 2004 01:59:43 PM
- I know my school (Molde University College) has close relationships with Augsburg College (Minnesota, USA) and I am fairly sure they cooperate with University of Pittsburgh as well...

Perhaps you could talk to them?
AnyaSunday 19th of December 2004 07:44:49 AM
- I looked to see if there are exchange programs with Norway through Pitt. I couldn't find a program specifically, but found some scholarships here: [url][/url]
(the ones at the bottom are not country specific).

I looked at Augsburg College and these are the partner programs with Norway:
* Akershus University College near Oslo, Norway
* Bergen University College in Bergen, Norway
* Bodø Regional University in Bodø, Norway
* Diakonhjemmet College in Oslo, Norway
* Harstad University College in Harstad, Norway
* Molde University College in Molde, Norway
* Norwegian Teacher Academy in Bergen, Norway
* Oslo University College in Oslo, Norway
* Sogn og Fjordane University College in Sogndal, Norway
* Sør Trøndelag University College in Trondheim, Norway
* Tromsø University College in Tromsø, Norway
* Rogaland College near Stavanger, Norway
* Østfold University College in Halden, Norway
* Volda University College in Volda, Norway

Depending on which disciplines you are interested, I am pretty sure you can contact the Universities to find out if they have summer programs.

For instance, in 11th grade I went to a Biotechnology summer session at UNH. Of course this wasn't overseas, but I was the only out-of-state student at that program and I applied for a grant and my expenses were covered by the school board and Rotary: ~$2,000.

I would contact schools to find out about their summer programs, and if you are interested in science or technology (for instance) you can go study there and you will learn the language in the process!! Some of my middle school friends did concert band tours of Europe, so if you are interested and play an instrument, you can also accomplish your trip that way.

Hope this helps somewhat.
kerrynMonday 07th of March 2005 06:34:53 PM
- Hello, im studying in Oslo at the moment and there are a lot of 6 months/1 year exchanges that they do here.
In the university at the moment there are about 250 international students, perhaps even more, so im pretty sure that you would be able to find some sort of program, even if its not at university level perhaps your school/college could sort something out?
there are also a few summer school courses for international students.
otherwise, just wait until you get to university and go on one of the programs then, its more than worth it, youd love it.

good luck!
krs240Tuesday 15th of March 2005 08:44:07 AM
- Thanks for the tip, Ill try and see if my college has any programs similar to it. Also I can see that it was posted a while ago, but thanks for all the research you did Anya.
eric151Wednesday 16th of March 2005 04:56:28 AM
- hey kris if you find a program for the summer.. could you be a peach and let me know? i'm 17 and want to do a summer study abroad before i rent a place on my own (summer of '06 maybe). i just think it would be better to gradually get into the culture rather than renting your own place all at once. but living a year in norway is definitely a priority of mine.
eric151Wednesday 16th of March 2005 05:32:30 AM
- i was thinking about this one
i'm not sure though. i want a program where you just have classes for a few hours a day and are free to do what you want after that.
krs240Wednesday 23rd of March 2005 12:39:56 AM
- If I find anything, sure. I was considering a working guest program (sorry lost the link), but you have to be 18, and also its starting look less glamorous to me. Right now im kinda stuck. Staying with a whole other family would be kind of strange to me, so I think I might just try for the program that Kerryn was talking about. It would be awesome if I could get the state to pay for it lol.
eric151Wednesday 23rd of March 2005 01:12:18 AM
- but who else are you going to stay with? that program "Two Worlds United" offers everything plus language classes. you probably didn't look at the site, look at this one really quick . you can stay for 1 - 8 weeks (2 months), but i'm worried it'll be too expensive, i can't see where it says the price. anyway, i've searched alot too and can't find any, this is the best bet from what i've seen.
krs240Thursday 31st of March 2005 12:50:57 PM
- Ill probably try and find a roommate. Anyways, Ive decided to delay my trip for a year or two, I dont want to mess up my schooling(free college).
eric151Friday 01st of April 2005 06:57:02 AM
- you're in college already? smart kid. i'm only a junior in high school so i plan on spending up to a year over there after i graduate. i don't know who i'll stay with though, i have a little internet friend from trondheim so maybe there. idk
nochnaya vedmaFriday 01st of April 2005 06:55:56 PM
- the university of oslo has an international summer school. ( they offer, among other things, an intensive norwegian language course. i'm going there this summer for a number of reasons (besides that it sounds like a great way to spend a summer, i get to transfer 10 credits, which in my college costs about $10000 in tuition money, vs. the $4000 i'd spend going to the ISS). they have no age requirement ("students of all ages regularly attend the ISS"), but they do have some academic requirements which may or may not be strictly followed. check it out.
stjerneTuesday 05th of April 2005 05:35:11 AM
- You may also want to check out your local Sons Of Norway lodge.. they offer scholarships to the University of Oslo and possibly for a few other programs. I haven't researched into it, but I do know they offer them.