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carontinaSaturday 28th of May 2005 06:30:19 AM
translation - Hi everyone. My greatgrandmothers headstone has a portion in norwegian. I've tried online dictionaries and have been unable to find the words. "Jesus vandt og jeghar vundet". Thank you for any help decipering this.

CharonPluSaturday 28th of May 2005 08:38:22 AM
- I can help with at least part of it... *update*

"Jesus vandt og jeghar vundet"
Sould it be: "Jesus vandt og jeg har vundet?"

If so,

"Jesus vandt og jeg har vundet"
"Jesus difficult and I have the wound"

That's only a literal translation and I'm not a native Norwegian...
Maybe it means something like: Jesus had it difficult and I bare the wound.

Hope that helps a bit for now...

carontinaMonday 30th of May 2005 02:47:25 AM
- Thank you CharonPlu. I also got a translation on another thread.

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Re: Norwegian, Bokmål


'Jesus vandt og jeg har vundet' translates: 'Jesus won and I have won.'

(As it is past tense and past pariticiple, you're not likely to find it in a dictionary. The other problem is that it is old Norwegian, so the spelling is still Danish.)

CharonPluMonday 30th of May 2005 08:55:26 AM
- Glad that you found it. Yeah, I realized that it would be difficult, as it would probably have been written before the major spelling revolution in 1912.
PsycheMonday 30th of May 2005 09:32:30 PM
- This isn`t Norwegian, but Danish :) But this is how we wrote it before, under the reign of the Danes, and the years afterwards.

So, yes, it would be "Jesus won and I won".