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PsycheThursday 05th of May 2005 06:22:32 PM
Ukens ord - I will present a new word each week, both easy and more difficult ones, where I`ll explain :) what it means and give sentences where it`s used.

I`ll edit this post every week, and replace this week`s word with a new one, so we don`t end up with hundreds of pages in the end where no-one bother to browse all of the words!


ISÆR (especially, particularly) (adverb)

Examples of usage:

Jeg har især bruk for disse båtene (I have particularly need for these boats)

Han er især interessert i kunst (He is especially interested in art)
CharonPluFriday 06th of May 2005 08:31:15 AM
- fantastisk ide!
stjerneFriday 06th of May 2005 08:41:08 AM
- Ja, det er veldig hjelpesom :)

tusen takk!
nochnaya vedmaMonday 16th of May 2005 12:25:15 PM
- gode ide, men kanskje bør vi også gjøre noe med denne ordene?

good idea, but maybe we also should do something with these words?
PsycheTuesday 17th of May 2005 05:18:26 AM
- Good idea nochnaya! Har noen noen ( :) ) forslag? Jeg skal prøve å tenke på noe.

Any suggestions?
nochnaya vedmaTuesday 17th of May 2005 12:19:49 PM
- though it takes some work on the part of people who know norsk (i.e you, in this case), i personally find that writing sentences/dialogues and having a fluent speaker correct/comment helps me a lot. it's probably the most that can be done short of 1 - talking directly to someone, or 2 - being in a situation where norsk is the only language available/allowed.

hva tenker du?
PsycheTuesday 17th of May 2005 06:53:45 PM
- Yes, of course that would be helpful Nochnaya. You`d better check out the sentence builder game (norsk spill nr. 2), where you write a sentence and get it corrected :)
CharonPluThursday 19th of May 2005 12:22:50 PM
- Hey Psyche,

For "Jeg antar at du kommer hjem i kveld? (I assume that you come home home tonight?)" in English one would probably say "I assume that you will come home tonight," if I understand your meaning.

PsycheThursday 19th of May 2005 09:25:55 PM
- Thanks as always! :)
CharonPluTuesday 07th of June 2005 01:09:43 PM
- I hate to nitpick, so just tell me if you mind...

These are really great for understanding how to use the words...

I think:
Du er kilden til mine bekymringer (You are the source to my worries)

..should be:
Du er kilden til mine bekymringer (You are the source of my worries)

PsycheTuesday 07th of June 2005 02:58:29 PM
- I don`t mind Murray! You have no idea how much my English has improved since you began you nitpicking :)

Thank you!