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stjerneSaturday 29th of January 2005 06:23:26 AM
Vokabular Bygning Liste n1:Dyr - **Under Construction**

word pronounciation to follow in the meantime please refer to the pronounciation guide posted by Peter.

Below you will find the first of my vocabulary building lists. This one focuses on various types of animals.

and - Duck

gris - Pig

geit - Goat

hne - Hen

fisk - Fish

fugl - Bird

hest - Horse

hund - Dog

katt - Cat

kanin - Rabbit

ku - Cow

mus - Mouse

rotte - Rat

sau - Sheep

dyr - Deer

esel - Donkey

elefant - Elephant

ape - Monkey

tiger - Tiger

More will be added to the list later.