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stjerneSaturday 29th of January 2005 07:38:43 AM
Vokabular Bygning Liste nº2: inne i huset - **Under Construction**

In the 2nd of my vocabulary lists, this one focuses on rooms and items that one can find in and around the house.

et hus - A House
et kontor - A Study
et bad - A Bathroom
et kjøkken - A Kitchen
et soverom - A Bedroom
ei spisestue - A Dining Room
ei stue - A Living Room
en garasje - A Garage
en kjeller - A Basement
en hage - A Garden
en bil - A Car
en motorsykkel - A Motorcycle
en sykkel - A Bicycle
postkasse - Mailbox

Stua - The Living Room.

ei lampe - A lamp
en sofa - A sofa
en stol - A Chair
teppet - The carpet
et bord - A table
ei dør - A door
ei klokke - A clock
gardinen - The curtain
en telefon - A telephone
posten - The mail
blomstene - The flowers
et bilde - A Picture
et vindu - A window

Kjøkkenet - The Kitchen

et glass - A glass
et vinglass - A wineglass
en kopp - A cup
en serviett - A napkin
en gaffel - A fork
en tallerken - A Plate
en kniv - A knife
en skje - A spoon
kjøleskapet - The refridgerator
komfyren - The stove
spiskammer - Pantry

Kontoret - The Study.

en datamaskin - A computer
blyant - pencil
penn - pen
fjernsyn - television
papir - paper
papirkurv - paper bin/trash can
avis - newspaper
bok - book
tidsskrift - magazine
skrivebordet - the desk
telefon - telephone
fax - fax

Soverommet - The Bedroom.

seng - bed
klesskap - closet
pute - pillow
dyne- comforter
vekkerklokke - alarm clock

Badet - The Bathroom.

toalett - toilet
dusj - shower
bad - bath
speil - mirror
vask - sink
håndklærne - hand towels
tannbørste - tooth brush
tannkrem - tooth paste
såpe - soap
barberhøvel - razor
deodorant - deodorant
kam - comb
hårbørste - hair brush

More items will be added.

please refer to the pronounciation guide posted by Peter.
MarjaMonday 21st of February 2005 09:00:44 PM
- These vocabulary lists are really useful, thanks! :)
With words sorted into groups of related things it makes it easier to learn them section by section.

PsycheThursday 21st of April 2005 10:52:27 PM
- Great that you are making this one Stjerne! There were a few mistakes though, and I`ll take the liberty to write which ones :)

Komputer should be "datamaskin" instead.
Hårbørste (the two words are written together,fuh, but I know that this just was a typing mistake :) )
stjerneThursday 21st of April 2005 11:53:51 PM
- fuh!! thanks... yep I have a couple of typos, I will re-edit my post and fix them.

I knew about datamaskin (I use it myself), but my Norwegian tutor gave me a word list that had komputer on it. I will change to datamaskin.
alpik79Thursday 16th of June 2005 05:46:40 AM
mmm - thanks this is a very good start ,
reminded me the times I have started to learn German ...