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jonathanWednesday 24th of March 2004 07:39:20 PM
Death rituals - What are some rituals which people in Oceania conduct when someone passes away?
EtakMonday 29th of March 2004 05:20:35 AM
- In indonesia at a particular time, the bones of relatives are dug up and put into large models (slightly resembling chinese dragons)this is done to confuse the spirits.
Then the bones are burnt.

Also many houses ae built with bodies burried undernieth to protect it.
jonathanTuesday 30th of March 2004 02:10:20 PM
- wow!! that's sounds really interesting. Sorry that I was not more specific last time but what I really want to know about is the death rituals within, polynesia, melanesia,and micronesia. Thanks for replying and thanks in advance for any further help anyone may offer