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slazikMonday 26th of April 2004 03:20:04 PM
hello - hi every body
i am from paksitan
if you want to know about paksitan
you can post here

(it is God) who taught(the use of the pen),...taught man that which he knew not.

frankieFriday 30th of April 2004 12:40:29 PM
re: pakistan - yes please i'm interested to come to pakistan to stay in 2005, so i'd love to hear about the country but especially about Urdu...
MynxMonday 10th of May 2004 09:58:40 AM
- Me too, I will be going there in October of this year-- to Lahore, so would love to learn anything and everything I can about it, lol
shabazkijaanTuesday 15th of June 2004 04:28:33 PM
- i will be going to Jhelum...I would love to learn about it thnx..
lady5abiSunday 20th of March 2005 04:23:25 PM
- Hello ji.. AOA...

I have some things I would like to ask you concerning pakistan. Seems you ahve been away for some time yaar. Whenever you come back..lets talk yeah.. thanks loads..
badmagickSaturday 04th of June 2005 10:40:10 PM
- ..long time no reply. anyway i'm from pakistan as well so I cud answer what u wanted to ask