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jaymavSaturday 28th of August 2004 12:08:54 AM
I want to learn tagalog - I want to learn tagalog. My wife is filipino and I want to be able to talk to her parents in tagalog. Help a brotha out. Holla back.
JayveeSaturday 13th of November 2004 11:21:58 AM
tagalog - hi, i can help you. email me at
SbeefyKSunday 05th of December 2004 02:51:20 PM
HELP ME - my girlfriend is filipino and i wanna surprise her sox off so can someone help me
IM me at SbeefyK
cebu_snackerTuesday 07th of December 2004 08:26:53 PM
yo - sup i want to learn taglog BADLY i really need to be fluent. If it's not too much trouble would someone teach me?
luvable12_23Friday 10th of December 2004 11:59:54 AM
I want to learn tagalog - i'm 16 years old and i'm half filipino, my grandparents and the rest of my family speak it fluently and i just want to be able to understand it and speak back. someone help!
lailahMonday 20th of December 2004 12:57:32 AM
Fil. here!!! - Hi there guys,

I can teach you around with Filipino/Tagalog. just mail to me. my ym id is

lailah :)