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alequin0923Friday 24th of December 2004 01:34:03 AM
Languages from the Philippines - 'Filipino', as what we normally speak in the Philippines is a combination of our native language 'Tagalog' and borrowed words from 'Spanish, Chinese, English and Indian'.

We also have other languages in the Philippines used mostly in specific regions that includes:


And we also have approximately 100+ dialects.

To know more, please visit the following links:
~*Jasmine_333*~Wednesday 26th of January 2005 02:28:17 PM
- Hello
you said that there are different kinds of Fillipino languages or dialects. Well.. I want to learn Filipino because my aunt is from the Phillipines, so I want to impress her.
But I don't know what type of filipino language she speaks. She's from Manilla.
So does everyone in Manilla speak the same dialect? do you know what type of dialect they speak there?

I would greatly appreciate it if you know anything about this. Thanks

alequin0923Wednesday 26th of January 2005 08:53:36 PM
Languages from the Philippines - Hi Jasmine!

Since she is from Manila, the dialect is Tagalog. :-)
You can visit this link if you wish to learn Tagalog

dawn lorraineThursday 19th of May 2005 12:01:18 PM
- There is only one language in the Philippines, and that is Tagalog. The rest are dialects.
alequin0923Thursday 19th of May 2005 02:03:56 PM
Languages from the Philippines - Actually, they are not considered dialects but are already considered as languages because of the number of speakers who use them.
Just like Catalán and Euskara and Spain.
For more information about languages you may visit
dawn lorraineFriday 20th of May 2005 06:59:11 AM
- That's quite informative, alequin, thanks a lot. All along I was convinced they are dialects. I learned something. Thanks again.:)