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CaddoDragonWednesday 15th of September 2004 07:43:51 AM
learning tagalog - I would like to learn tagalog. I want to learn new things and any help you could give me would be great!, I can be reached at,
TungakWednesday 15th of September 2004 01:14:15 PM
re: - I can help you. My email addy is or you can send me a message via Yahoo Messenger. My YM ID is vans_joplin

P.S. To anyone who wants to learn tagalog, feel free to add my YM ID as well.

sige, balik na ako sa trabaho ko. Hanggang sa muli...


cebu_snackerSaturday 30th of October 2004 07:12:34 AM
sup - umm I want to learn tagalog too!! lol
ina_baby2Friday 12th of November 2004 03:51:40 AM
Ako din... - Gusto ko mare-learn Tagalog. I've lived in US for more than half my life now... I just want to become fluent again. Kung pwede ka... teach mo din ako.

Maraming salamat na!!!

SbeefyKMonday 06th of December 2004 06:41:05 AM
How do u say... - "I like you more then anybody else" in filipino
sabine721Monday 06th of December 2004 02:41:17 PM
"I like you more then anybody else" in filipino - hello,

that can be said as, "ikaw and pinakagusto ko sa lahat."
*adding "pinaka" makes it superlative
ko=I or me

hope this helps :)
pyrokatanaWednesday 12th of January 2005 12:43:00 PM
help me!! - i really want to learn tagalog, my parents never taught me, something about a conflit between tagalog and visayan dialects.. but anyone!!!! help!!!

i want to be able to manage a decent conversation with someone in tagalog. yep.

contact me at
alequin0923Thursday 13th of January 2005 01:26:15 AM
Learning Tagalog - For those who are interested in learning our language "Filipino", you can add me to your Yahoo or MSN account. My id is alequin0923.

dawn lorraineThursday 19th of May 2005 06:07:48 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by SbeefyK

"I like you more then anybody else" in filipino[/quote]

Actually, the accurate meaning of "I like you more than anybody else" is "Mas gusto kita kaysa sa kahit sino pa".
"Pinakagusto" is superlative, which, if used , changes the meaning of the entire sentence. Mas gusto is comparative, and only translates exactly how you mean by "I like you more" (you did not say "I like you most"; if you did, the translation would have been "pinakagusto...". So "Mas gusto kita kaysa sa kahit sino pa" is the more accurate translation of "I like you more than anybody else".

Have fun learning;)