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angel23Tuesday 08th of February 2005 03:32:19 AM
wanna learn tagalog? - hi...wanna learn tagalog?i can help you just tell me where you wanna start and ill be here to help you all the way..=)
kuzzywuzzyTuesday 08th of February 2005 07:10:40 AM
- Hi there,

I sent you a PM since I didn't see your email in your profile. You should drop by the Tagalog discuss here, as well:


cokbgSunday 13th of February 2005 06:07:16 AM
Additional assistance - Hello! I appreciate your assistance to people trying to learn the language. I am from Manila and I would like to help you in updating people learning the language about contemporary Tagalog.
grfreeman22Sunday 27th of February 2005 08:13:07 AM
i need to learn - Hi, I need to learn Tagalog, can you help? I think all my info is on my profile
cokbgSunday 27th of February 2005 08:36:44 AM
- Hello grfreeman22,

I haven't read your profile yet, but we are willing to help you out. I'll go to your profile just now. If you want, you could send me email, or go to the Tagalog discuss Q and A if you have specific questions.


Playboy4uTuesday 22nd of March 2005 07:12:44 PM
I want to Learn Filipino - Hi Angel23,

Iam Intrested in learning Filipino, i know some basic words. One of my friend from phils taught me. I want to learn more.

But iam not aware of Tagalog, is this and Filipino same.

Please help me out. Hope you will teach me.


bill747300Sunday 27th of March 2005 01:38:54 PM
Tagalog... - Angel,Yes please !
Where do we start...?
Thanking you...Bill
filo_chick05Thursday 07th of April 2005 01:00:11 PM
hello - hey, how are you? Im paula.. im from Australia and half filipino.. I would really be interested if we could contact eachother, i'm really interested in learning tagalog, i can speak phrases here and there and i'm able to understand as i grew up with my mother speaking the language. I just recently arrived from Cebu this april 6 & i'm moving back there to do actressing but the only problem is i need to learn fluent tagalog, pls help me...
rbarberFriday 22nd of April 2005 11:30:06 AM
I wanna learn tagalog - Kumusta I wanna learn to speak I know some words but can't put it into sentences. Ryan Barber on Friendster
PHatPHilAMThursday 28th of April 2005 10:17:48 AM
ya, i need 2 learn - hey, i wnt to really really really learn tagalog. Hindi ako masyadong maarunong mag-Tagalog.......see, i got that out of a handbook. uh....yea, i'm pitiful. you can tell i'm a second generation filipino. well neway, i'm new to this whole phrasebase thing, but PM me or u can IM me on my AIM sn: PHatPHilAM ok, ttyl hopefully.
GroovyGnome72Tuesday 24th of May 2005 08:38:19 AM
Kumusta ka? - I just emailed you contact me on AIM too if you want. It's GroovyGnome722.

bettyjordiWednesday 22nd of June 2005 02:11:12 AM
Interested in learning as well - Hi. I'm interested in learning Tagalog as well. If anyone can take the time and teach me I'll be greatly appreciated. I can exchange for lessons in Spanish. =)
dawn lorraineWednesday 22nd of June 2005 05:32:58 PM
- I'd like to improve my Spanish. Maybe we can help each other. And for those in this thread who has no Tagalog teacher yet, I'd be glad to assist.
bettyjordiThursday 23rd of June 2005 09:52:17 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by dawn lorraine

I'd like to improve my Spanish. Maybe we can help each other. And for those in this thread who has no Tagalog teacher yet, I'd be glad to assist.[/quote]

Wow cool thanks. I'd be great. You can email me at

or if you have AIM or Yahoo : bettyjordi

Hope to hear from you soon!
bettyjordiThursday 23rd of June 2005 09:54:06 AM
- oops sorry double post.
DarenMonday 27th of June 2005 01:32:17 AM
I am from the Caribbean and I would like to learn Tagalog - [quote]Originally posted by angel23

Hello Angel..
My name is Daren and I interested in learning Tagalog. I am presently dealing with a fe businessman there and I would like to understand and speak the language.

Thanks in advance for your kind help

I will appreciate this alot

Kevin N.Monday 04th of July 2005 01:22:12 AM
I really want to learn Tagalog! - Dawn,

I am dying to learn Tagalog and any help you could provide would be great. I have some basics and I'm trying to learn the grammar rules at the moment. Please help me! :)