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Dr_FalkenWednesday 07th of April 2004 12:34:04 AM
Wanting to Learn Pronunciation, and Culture - Hello all - I'm new here, and interested in learning proper pronunciation for the Tagalog language - I have some experience learning new languages (some Russian, German, Spanish, and Cantonese Chinese), so I can pick things up rather quickly.

My sister is getting married soon to a really nice Filipino man named Alex - his family, from what I can tell, can speak English fairly well, but I've only met his immediate family.

His extended family will be there for the ceremony, and I'm not sure how many speak English, so I want to be able to communicate as best as possible. I hope I haven't bored you with this long intro.

I'm also interested in knowing some of the customs - such as toasts Traditionally given at weddings, etc., and things to avoid, so I don't totally embarass myself :P

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give -- it's greatly appreciated.
Evan4822Wednesday 07th of April 2004 06:06:34 PM
pronunciation - Hoy! kumusta ka. Saan ka nakatira?Come join my site and you will see my homepage and you can learn to pronounce Tagalog/Filipino words;just click on pronunciation and then vowels and dipthongs, and also you can learn all kinds of things there. I started it a few weeks ago and it already has 13 members! well here it is my e-mail is if you want to ask me any questions about Filipinos. I'm not Filipino, but I know alot about them because I've been around them for years and have learned alot of things.
JayveeSaturday 13th of November 2004 11:25:10 AM
tagalog - hello ,i can help you learn tagalog, email me at