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senator16Tuesday 12th of April 2005 07:46:27 AM
YOU KNOW YOU HAVE ATRUE FILIPINO FAMILY IF... - You know you have a TRUE Pilipino Family if you have:

1. "My Shaldan" air freshener in the car.

2. A cross/Sto. Nino/Sacred Heart statue somewhere in the house

3. Adobo for dinner at some point in the month

4. "Tabo" in the banyo

5. tsitsirya (Sunflower crackers/chicharon and a whole bunch of stuff that's supposedly not good for you) in the house

6. At least one person in the family who can sing (or at least *thinks* he/she can sing)

7. Gone to Baguio at least once

8. A ton of food on special occasions

9. A copy of "Noli Me Tangere" buried somewhere

10. A cross or rosary placed prominently in the house

11. A least 2 rice cookers.

12. Father's tancho or pomade ( a kind of gel or an Elvis or James Dean hairdo)

13. That distinctive smell that I've noticed in ONLY Filipino's houses

15. Bagoong in the fridge

16. Slippers by the front door

17. Balikbayan box

18. Chinese or Japanese characters that we have no idea what they mean
v 19. TT Man in a barrel (extra points for Su-su woman in a barrel)

20. Unused piano

21. The Big Spoon and Fork

22. Wooden carving of the Last Supper

23. Wooden carving of tinikling dancers

24. Nice gardens

25. The Happy Birthday song when you don't say the celebrant's name

26. The Elephants made out of stone/marble placed in the livingroom

27. A wooden globe bar, filled with liquor that has not been touched for years.

28. That wood hanging display thing describing the spears/knives of the Philippines.

29. If a TV doesn't work, a typical Filipino family would save it and use it for furniture, and place a "smaller" or new television on TOP of the broken one.

30. A Minus-1 machine.

31. The wall of fame (or shame) of family pictures.

32. Every family has the drunk uncle or someone who would qualify as the "missing link."

EmDee1B86Friday 22nd of April 2005 05:16:24 AM
- LMAO!!! You know, except for 1, 7 and 30, I've got everything on that list.
gianaFriday 06th of May 2005 01:23:33 PM
i am - well..we never ran out of adobo on our table...that made me real
dawn lorraineFriday 27th of May 2005 07:21:04 AM
- Giana, what about ginamos? hehehe

Nice one senator. But what I like best is the "take home" or in the Visayas and Mindanao regions we call it "bring house".

There's also this practice in the province (which I don't notice in Manila) that during fiestas anyone and everyone can go to your house to partake the food you prepare, even if you don't know them. They also get the "bring house". Sigh.... those were the days. I should go back to my ties on a fiesta season to savor these all.

Fiesta joke? Anyone?

I remember years back that was January 14 (for places with the Santo Nino as their patron, it could vary. But they usually celebrate it second Sunday of January.) Anyways, it was 7:30 in the morning and strangers were already in our house so we served them breakfast, local specialties: bibingka (we just call it bingka actually in Bohol), budbud, puto maya...and of course, my favorite, "sikwate", that hot chocolate drink made from cacao seeds (wow, i still remember we grind the seeds in the evenings, the end product is powdery, if we grind them during the day, especially in summer, the end product is like a dark peanut butter, God I miss these:().

Anyway, this "sikwate" drink, especially if pure, does not form a smoke on top of your cup, so you won't know if it's hot. One guest we had took the cup of "sikwate" with gusto, a big one. With the sikwate still in his mouth, he looked at me blankly. Then spit the drink by the window behind him. I asked him why. Teary eyed, he said he remembered how his kids loved sikwate. So I promised him his bring house will include sikwate for his kids.

Someone called me from the backyard so I went down. There I saw the gabi plant that was hit by the sikwate that this man spit out. OMG the gabi leaf discolored and began to dry.

Whether he really remembered his kids or the sikwate was simply too hot for him to handle or both, that was a thought that tinkered my mind the whole day.

Anyway, that incident also taught me how persevering a gabi plant can be. It refused to die!