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celijkaTuesday 08th of February 2005 08:58:29 PM
a bit of Polish - Last time I wrote about the KARNAWAŁ and PĄCZKI, if you've read it carefully you know that today (Tuesday) is the very last day of KARNAWAŁ, we call in Poland OSTATKI, or ŚLEDZIÓWKA.
Word OSTATKI means “remains” - last minutes of KARNAWAŁ.
ŚLEDZIÓWKA is more tricky... Shrove Tuseday is a Polish “Herring Day”, and ŚLEDŹ means herring. But it's not as simple as with the Fat Thursday – we don't eat herring all the day.

ŚLEDŹ is the most polular polish vodka appetizer, or a snack maybe (a Pole would say ZAGRYCHA and zagrycha refers only to drinking) .
When we talk about a herring as an appetizer we always say ŚLEDZIK (a diminutive), so each time you hear word ŚLEDZIK you know that your friend's speaking of a vodka snack. If he 's speaking of the snack, he's thinking about drinking.

To make the thing simple – if the Pole say ŚLEDZIK he means vodka.

Today we are going to make drinking parties, so I'll give some more usefull words:

PRZYJĘCIE – a party (more official)
IMPREZA -a party (you know this word from the previous post)
WÓDKA – vodka ( word of the day ;) )
WINO - wine
DRINK – a drink
PICIE - drinking
PIWO – beer
NAPIJMY SIĘ – Let's have a drink
ZDRÓWKO, ZDROWIE, NA ZDROWIE – Cheers! (most popular polish toasts)
TAŃCZENIE NA STOLE – dancing on the table
ŚPIEWANIE – singing
jAkWednesday 09th of February 2005 06:35:53 AM
- Do Polish people drink a lot of vodka? I know my family does. We also prefer wine. Never drink beer though, I dislike beer.
celijkaThursday 10th of February 2005 01:46:38 AM
drinkin - Polish people drink vodka, but not as much as in the previous years. During the years of communism there was only vodka available ( or beer sometimes) so people got used to it. We do not drink so much vodka nowadays, people at my age – students drink a lot of wine, if we go out we usually drink beer.
Vodka is drunk at big occasions – weddings esp.
We sometimes choose vodka because it is the most ”efficient” choice ;) Poles can drink a lot, so efficiency is the crucial factor sometimes , especially if you are a student...

We are not the greatest vodka-drinkers in Europe though we still are among the leaders.

pabsyFriday 11th of February 2005 11:52:49 AM
- czesc Celia, jak tam?
djekuje ci bardzo, now it's almost time to practice the things I have leart.!!... :/
I'll be at the airport this time tomorrow thinking why didn't i buy a phrasebook!!!