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Karolina2005Sunday 01st of May 2005 02:24:21 AM
Could someone help me learn polish?? - I wondered if some of you could learn me polish?
I am very new to this and only know how to say a few words, zupa, mleko, ser, dzien dobry, polnoc, zimno, jeden, dwa, trzy, and tak.
As you can see i dont know much, but i have only have been learning since yesterday. I want to know.

Hope this is the correct way - nauczymy nic mowic popolsku..
what should that sentence be? is it correct.

So if anyone can help me learn i would appreciate it loads. I have yahoo, and msn.
Thank you.
JozefSunday 01st of May 2005 05:55:37 AM
Język Polski - Cześć...

I have studied Polish for that last five years and would be more than willing to help you or anyone else with Polish. I have MSN, Yahoo and Gadu-Gadu, send me a message and we can exchange adresses...

Na razie,

martingaleSunday 01st of May 2005 07:34:12 PM
correct version - 'nauczymy się mówić po polsku' - we will learn speak Polish, or 'nauczmy się mówić po polsku' - let's learn to speak Polish.