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assayerWednesday 06th of April 2005 04:29:59 AM
Great Britain - I`d like to know some ppl from GB :)
I can help with Polish if you need.
stjerneWednesday 06th of April 2005 05:08:22 AM
- Hi assayer,

I am from GB, I was born and raised in Scotland. :) Feel free to contact me if you like, my details are in my profile.

Brain May roxSunday 17th of April 2005 10:57:04 PM
- Hi. I live in London. My dad is Polish and it would be great if i could learn a bit of basic Polish
Karolina2005Sunday 01st of May 2005 02:29:00 AM
- I am from scotland. If you want to contact me feel free to email. I would love to learn polish too .If you could help .