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eluniaSaturday 26th of February 2005 04:15:41 AM
Help me learn Polish - I used to be able to speak Polish as a kid (my parents immigrated in 1978) and I really need a lot of help- I never learned proper grammar or to read or write in Polish. if you can help, let me know: i have aim and msn.
celijkaSaturday 26th of February 2005 04:42:33 AM
polish - I'll try to help if you needed.
msg me here or on MSN, see the web links given on this discuss, there is some grammar stuff.

do zobaczenia
Kamilos_Saturday 26th of February 2005 05:25:44 AM
Polish - fine , I can help you , :) so if you want send me a msg on msn ;)
eluniaSunday 27th of February 2005 03:47:33 AM
ok thanks - thanks, whats your sn on msn? also, I can practice English with you, since you said on your profile that you like it so much. I helped many of my cousins to immigrate to Poland, and have some friends at the American Consulate too, in case you had any questions. My email is if you want to add me to your msn.
Kamilos_Sunday 27th of February 2005 10:35:31 PM
- My msn :
yahoo : kamilos21
DamianSThursday 24th of March 2005 11:14:31 PM
- I can also help you learn this rather difficult language. So if you want, you can mail me: damsob at wp dot pl.

Damian Sobota.
tony123456Tuesday 26th of April 2005 10:03:27 AM
- Iam also in need of help in polish so is anyone willing to help me? Ican also give asistance in english or Italian. Prosze pomoc mi=mnie!