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Karolina2005Monday 23rd of May 2005 03:45:15 PM
I now have polish.... - I now have 2 people who are from poland working with me, and they are now wanting me to learn them english, so they said they would teach me polish.
Wow! I cant wait..
It is hard though, as i did realise. I pronounce things different, but they still know what i mean.
I wonder how long it will take me to learn it?
I have also ordered a cdrom which teaches polish.
Anyone know any other way i can also learn.
Danusia is also going to give me a book with polish to english . .which will help.

martingaleMonday 23rd of May 2005 06:13:49 PM
Polish - There is a website You can do a proficiency test to see how advanced you are. But I recommend doing that test after at least a few weeks of intensive learning.
Pronunciation is difficult indeed, but the rules are stiff. There is (nearly) always one sound dedicated to one character (two characters sometimes).
Polish is relatively difficult, so you'll have to be very patient ;)
Good luck.
MartaMonday 23rd of May 2005 10:32:23 PM
- Powodzenia Karolina,
(good luck)
If you need any particular help or explanations of sth don't hesitate and post it here! There are quite a few Polish speakers here who will help you out fo sure. If you need any vocabulary in some special area or you want to have any grammar explained, just ask!
Karolina2005Saturday 28th of May 2005 06:41:02 PM
- I wonder if music will help me learn too?
I know a few words about 25 all together, which to be honest, is still better than anyone else at work.. I seem to be the only one interested in it.

I find hard to do sentences though, but this web is making me get used to it..
talsadekiSaturday 04th of June 2005 01:50:29 AM
can u - can u guys pleas teach me polish pleas
stjerneSunday 10th of July 2005 06:33:14 AM
- [quote]Anyone know any other way i can also learn.[/quote]

A good way to learn is to use flash cards with Polish (include pronounciation guide if you need it) on one side and the english Phrases on the other and review continuously until you can remember them.

Label items around the house etc with the Polish translation, again adding the pronounciation if you need it.

Listen to Polish on internet radio. Keep paper and pen close as well as a dictionary, pick out the words you recognize, and try to pick out new ones... use dictionary to find out their meanings. It will also help with pronounciation.

Listen to Polish music, again using the same method as the radio.

Watch Polish movies again keep paper, pen and your dictionary close by. Use english subtitles if you wish.

Before you know it, you will have built quite a lot of vocabulary. If you need any help, feel free to PM or email me :)
tony123456Sunday 10th of July 2005 06:58:25 AM
- stmjerne see wat makes that even hard is that polish seems that every word you know they change the endings or something so this makes it very difficult im asure you knopw.
stjerneSunday 10th of July 2005 01:46:41 PM
- Yes it is a little harder as words do have different endings. Words must agree in gender, case and number.

One way of doing it is to write the masculine, feminine and neuter forms of words on the sticky notes/flash cards. For example, the color yellow: żłty (masc form), żłta (fem form) and żłte (neuter form). This will help you to remember them.

I am going to start posting some grammar lessons as soon as I have a little more free time :)

tony123456Monday 11th of July 2005 01:29:24 AM
- dzieki! thats a good idea!