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wasilSaturday 09th of April 2005 12:49:54 AM
I think I can help you with your polish - especially if you can improve mine english, german or teach me japanese :)
NatCrosbySaturday 09th of April 2005 02:32:01 AM
want to learn Polish - Please,help me to learn Polish.I'm russian and we can also
practise our English with each other.I can speak some Po-
lish.Dziekuje bardzo.NatCrosby.

sbockSaturday 09th of April 2005 11:41:39 AM
Pomóż mi na polskiego - I nee help getting conversationel in Polish. I know a lot of words but I don't have anyone to talk to here. I don't know the best way to do this though. Proszę pomóż mi.
wasilSaturday 09th of April 2005 01:08:26 PM
- OK, My YM is Wasilek123 if you wan't call me.

NatCrosby if you're native russian speaker you shoudn't have any problems with polish ;).
NatCrosbyMonday 11th of April 2005 09:54:51 PM
Pan and pani - It says:Remember that the terms pan and pani are polite
ways of addressing a man or woman respectively.
My question is:Czy mogu molvit pan or pani do Young people?
Yes I am native russian,I understand Polish mach better
then speak,mam polskie movies and music and I can listen
Polish language.Mam nadzieje odwiedzic Polske.
Wasil:Czy pan mowi or rozumie po rossiysky?
Najlepsze zyczenia to everyone!!!
wasilTuesday 12th of April 2005 08:36:22 PM
- No I don't understand russish.

but I have some advice for you don't mix languages in one sentences, it's very hard to read, it's better if you write one post with mistakes in one language then using mix of 3 languages.

I think I understand your post so I will answer:

Yes we can speak to the young "Pan Pani", but it reffer usually to older teeneagers, but if you are young too it's rather too formal to use "Pan Pani" for the young. We usually call them by names or if you see one on a street and wan;t from him information about time, you would say:

"Przepraszam, Czy możesz mi powiedzieć, która jest godzina"

instead of

"hej, powiedz, która jest godzina!?" (too informal)


"Przepraszam, Czy mógłby mi pan/pani powiedzieć, która jest godzina?" (too formal when you speaking to the young :))
NatCrosbyTuesday 12th of April 2005 11:18:00 PM
Thank you very much - Thank you very much,I'll remember your advice don't mix 2
landuedes in a future.
Also,thank you for ansvering my question.
Good Luck.
JulianaThursday 14th of April 2005 09:06:13 PM
- I would also love to learn Polish. I know some words, very little grammar. I've been to Poland twice and would like to improve my language skills. I'm a native English speaker (American) and love helping people with English. I study speech language pathology at a university and enjoy teaching all levels of English if you want to learn anything in English.
scatterheartMonday 25th of April 2005 09:24:57 PM
- if you teach me polish i will teach you fluent english and some japanese.. deal?
aleksandra_polandSunday 26th of June 2005 01:06:45 AM
polish - hi . if you want we can help each other . i`m a native speaker of polish and i want to improve my english . if you only wish , mail me :
aeb3445Tuesday 05th of July 2005 01:10:03 AM
i can help - we can help one another because i can help your english and you could help in polish
Tuesday 05th of July 2005 01:12:42 AM
- I can teach you English
samantha689Saturday 09th of July 2005 03:46:23 AM
- I would really like to learn Polish as my grandfather was from Poland and I am planning to visit next year. I'm finding the fact that Polish pronunciations are so much different to the English very difficult! At the moment learning the language seems almost impossible as I would like to be able to speak it as well as read it.