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crocoWednesday 03rd of November 2004 10:41:42 AM
learn polish - well i work now in tourism and i hope after 4-5 months could speak polish good.i even bought cable satalite to watch polish channel.

will be great if anyone tell me some nice polish songs to download with lyrics and if there are any polish channel program learn polish let me know plz.

always lv know new friends
contact me if u like.
ashlee86Wednesday 03rd of November 2004 03:06:35 PM
- nice? skłamałam- by edyta is a lovely song! i could send you the lyrics to if you want :p
crocoThursday 04th of November 2004 04:15:36 PM
hi - dzienkuje i try to find web to download her song hope find one.
today i bought book awo not easy language:-)
ashlee86Friday 05th of November 2004 05:54:26 AM
- awo..whats that, and whats a hard language? have you had any luck yet?
crocoFriday 05th of November 2004 07:30:32 AM
hi - i bought book learn polish but have problme about pronounce
there are some letters have many diffrence pronounce.

hope catch u later in Classroom room.
can u send me the song with lyrics?