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Karolina2005Saturday 28th of May 2005 06:54:51 PM
Music - I wonder if some people can help me..
I was speaking to Danusia and she said she heard 'Frankee , F**k you right back', but in poland, so it will be in polish..
It got me thinking, and i wondered if there was any more songs translated..
It would help me learn the language, as i would have 2 sets of lyrics, english and polish..
can anyone help... with any song..
dziekuje bardzo
HanaWednesday 08th of June 2005 03:28:13 PM
Songs translated - Hello!

I have to admit, that I haven't heard it translated. In Poland we do it very rarely. I've heard that in Czech Republic they do it, but here, well I've heard maybe a couple of Phrases. And they just happen not to be popular. So sorry to tell you that but this probably won't be a good way to learn Polish..

Take care,

Karolina2005Friday 10th of June 2005 12:16:23 AM
- How about movies??
This is the way my aunt learnt french.
HanaSaturday 11th of June 2005 03:44:29 PM
Movies - Yeah, movies would be great way to learn