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celijkaThursday 03rd of February 2005 12:12:09 AM
Polish Lesson - Cześć!

Thanks for all the replays I got after my last post!

Most of you are interested in getting acquainted with Polish culture. I am really keen on Polish Tradition, so it would be pleasure to write about some Polish customs from time to time... I hope you will have an opportunity to catch up with some Polish words.

Today I'm going to write about the Polish Carnival, as we are having the most important period of the Polish Carnival this days.

First, I have to mention that over 90% Poles consider themselves Roman Catholics and great part of Polish Tradition traces back to church &religion.

After the Christmas period and the New Year Carnival (KARNAWAŁ)) starts. I think you all know what are the main purposes of karnawał:
fun – ZABAWA
joy – RADOŚĆ
eating – JEDZENIE
drinking -PICIE
parties – IMPREZY ;)

There are balls (BALE) and parties organised.

During Karnawał secondary school students which are to be graduated this year organise STUDNIÓWKI.
STUDNIÓWKA is simmililar to a prom, as far as I know...
It is considered as the first serious ball for the young people, girls get their first posh dresses (SUKIENKI), and boys try to learn how to dance (TAŃCZYĆ ).
The first dance (TANIEC) of STUDNIÓWKA is always POLONEZ (polonaise).
The word STUDNIÓWKA is composed of STO (one hundred), and DNI (days), because it should take place one hundred days before the final exam called in Polish MATURA. If you knew Polish 18 – 19 year-olds, you would hear word MATURA all the time ;)

3rd year students organise POŁOWINKI. The word POŁOWINKI comes from POŁÓWKA (one half), as it should be a half way to get your diploma. After celebrating POŁOWINKI we should satart thinking about studying and cut down on parties.
POŁOWINKI is not a ball, just a party usually in a PUB. We invite our teachers and lecturers, there's lot of fun and drinking.

The most important period of KARNAWAŁ is its last week. After KARNAWAŁ we have the Lent (I'll write something about the Lent some other time).
As the Lent starts always on Wednesday, the last carnival week starts on Thursday ;) And that will be tomorrow!
I think that you all know the Rio Carnival, but I have to disapoint you, we don't dance SAMBA in the streets ;) (but it's only because there's -5 Celsius degree outside).
Insdead we have Fat Thursday (TŁUSTY CZWARTEK).
The most significant word for TŁUSTY CZWARTEK is PĄCZKI.

I'll repeat - PĄCZEK (singular), PĄCZKI (plural).
Sometimes PĄCZEK is translated as doughnut, but I think it's something different. PĄCZKI are made from sweet yeast pastry filled with marmelade, pudding, chocolate... etc ;) They are ball-shaped (a tennis ball size) fried in deep fat, then coverd with sweet icing or chocolate or powdery sugar and candied peels.
On TŁUSTY CZWARTEK morning the first thing each Pole will do is buy PĄCZKI (if they hadn't fried them the day before). We eat PĄCZKI with morning coffee, we give PĄCZKI to our friends, family members, co-workers, children at school give them to their teachers, you can buy them everywhere during the day, you can see people eating PĄCZKI everywhere.
TŁUSTY CZWARTEK is the only day when women don't care about calories ( one PĄCZEK= 250 – 300 kcal) I've read, that each Pole eates about 5 PĄCZKI on TŁUSTY CZWARTEK.
If one feels they had too little calories, may also try FAWORKI or CHRUST.

Uf, gotta go now, it's time to start frying ;)

I'll be back if I don't stuck somewhere tomorrow.

pabsyThursday 03rd of February 2005 02:53:10 PM
paczki - hmmmm sounds delicious! Oh and Happy Birthday Celia :)

Talking Polish traditions, my parents used to lay an extra place at the table at Christmas, my father said it was for a stranger.
I did this for the first time the christmas before last, and I was so happy when a friend of one of my guests arrived that i did not know. He joined our Christmas celebrations and i hoped it would bring me luck for the comming year. before the year was done my marriage had ended..!!!
Hmmmm... i won't be trying that one again! lol :)
celijkaThursday 03rd of February 2005 03:13:03 PM
Fat Thursday - Thanks for the Birhday wishes pabsy ;)
but you should say that in Polish - "Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin"

I've just had my first PĄCZEK of the day, the one with my favourite filling (the rose filling).
Rose is RÓŻA in Pol, rose filling is a kind of marmelade made of specific species of pink rose, we call DZIKA RÓŻA - wild rose. It is made of rose flowers...

I wonder if you celebrate the carnival end in your countries...
pabsyThursday 03rd of February 2005 03:26:29 PM
- czesc Celia.

Wszyskiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin... :)
(my phrase to practice for today!!)
co czas na picie :)

na razie

wasilFriday 08th of April 2005 04:49:53 AM
- I don't think Polen would say "co czas na picie" :)

It would be rather: "Co? Czas na picie?"

or and that will be much better

"Czas na picie!" - you can say that when you started drinking alcohol with your friends


marmelade - marmolada (but in context which Celia used with wild rose it would be DŻEM ;))