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roseyMonday 30th of May 2005 07:44:10 PM
Reading Polish - Hi all, I've only just joined and am going to try to learn Polish. Im having difficulty though - to read the Polish words and to know I'm reading them correctly I'm gonna need to know a little bit more about the correct way to pronounce the Polish alphabet...does anyone have any tips? Any help at all would be great, no matter how basic, because I know nothing!
Karolina2005Tuesday 31st of May 2005 10:48:11 PM
- Here is some help..
jhajdugaWednesday 01st of June 2005 10:29:27 AM
Polish pronunciation - if you use Skype just drop me a line :)
HanaWednesday 08th of June 2005 03:30:15 PM
Skype me - Yeah, as jhajduga said. The best way to learn pronunciaton would be to talk with somebody live. If you want you can Skype me also.

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