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PrincessAmy618Wednesday 30th of June 2004 07:28:13 AM
Really wanna learn Polish! - If you know Polish, please help me out!!!
armyusafchickWednesday 30th of June 2004 07:50:43 AM
polish - I know a little polish. My mother is 100%, but her parents never taught her, so I started to teach myself with a Polish-English book. I'd be happy to teach u some basic phrases.
PrincessAmy618Thursday 08th of July 2004 01:33:21 PM
- Awesome! I'll PM you
TemplaarSunday 18th of July 2004 09:37:29 AM
- I am from Poland.
I can help you, if you need.

Write PM to me when you want.
PrincessAmy618Thursday 22nd of July 2004 11:38:23 AM
- Thanks! I'll pm you now!!
icenWednesday 08th of September 2004 03:02:17 AM
- I can also help you. I'm a polish guy ;)
PrincessAmy618Thursday 09th of September 2004 07:05:24 PM
Polish guys are awesome - Feel free to mail message me anytime! I'll message you too