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celticbrooderSunday 03rd of October 2004 11:53:28 PM
Taking the Polish Plunge - would like to pick up a few basic phrases for starters and some help with pronounciation of special Polish characters (referred to as 'something'-text).
Does any one do this via IM - live?
HanaTuesday 05th of October 2004 12:35:20 AM
Polish - I suppose it will be working soon on Phrasebase..All the Phrases are done, they lack only the audio version..Take care,

Tuesday 05th of October 2004 07:21:52 AM
Audio files - Polish - Thank you, the audiofiles will help tremendously...
I am already quite fluent in German and the most common comment from native speakers is my perfect pronounciation (referred to as an accent-free 'pure Prussian High German' ;)... I seem to have a gift for picking up foreign languages quickly - particularly the pronounciation.
I need to do this for the love of my life ;)... she's Polish.


p.s. Are you Polish?