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wasilThursday 28th of April 2005 10:29:48 PM
things you won't see in dictionary - Every language have many words, idioms, phrasal verbs.

I think Polish people use them a lot and in every situation :).

Now everybody who can spoke polish, especially polen :) shoul write in this topic some examples with english definition.

If somebody want to know how to translate idioms from your country to polish, just write them with a definition :) I will try to help you (I hope other people from Poland will help you too).

I think we can put here popular slang words.

I will start with some if I have more time I will write others words that I know :).

1. fajny/fajna/fajnie - something like cool

some uses:

Ale masz fajne spodnie.
Mamy dziś fajną pogodę.

Don't use it to much becouse it is very informal word :).

2. Laska - nice well-shaped woman, there are much more examples of good looking woman in polish but most of them are vulgar, and I can give you some more words in prv ;), but laska is mostly used.

3. Wywołać wilka z lasu
When you talking with somebody about someone, and person about who you were talking sudently come to you, you can say:

O wilku mowa!
Widzisz? Wywołałes wilka z lasu - to the person with who you were talking about other person. :)

Ok end for today post other examples :).

BTW sorry for english I'm still learning it.